Cloudfone Awesome Billboards

‘Millenials’ are known for having a keen eye for all things art. With a slight difference with how our grandparents’ think, pretty sure this generation views things a little differently, especially with things and issues they get exposed to. For the past years, billboards had the usual product, price, and endorser content. Fast forward to the 21st century with a generation that attempts to differentiate itself, leave it to ‘Millennials’ to change the way these billboards are used.

Here’s a list of awesome billboards that took the country by storm.

Billboard 1

  1. Olivia, will you marry me?

OH, YES YES YES! How can you say no to this awesome Valentine’s day proposal, anyway? Sure enough, girls out there envied Olivia for months with this clever billboard proposal. The simple, eye-catching and witty idea left most commuters curious and totally #kilig. After a lot of guesses and speculations, it turned out that this ad material came from a real estate company as part of their marketing campaign. Smart, right?

Billboard 2

2. Anniversary Billboard Cake

Can’t afford to miss anyone’s birthday? Great news for those who saw this ad along Cubao and EDSA! Pretty sure, you got this solid reminder not to miss anyone’s special day. To start off, this billboard is one of the most talked about brand anniversary ideas. Standing 40 ft. tall, this billboard can put a smile at every viewer’s face while making their head turn. Want to try this advertising idea?


Here’s the ultimate question, will you go on a date with this guy? To some, this invitation might look a little sketchy. But to the advertiser of this ad, he simply wants to be a little ‘cheezy.’ At the end, who would’ve thought that this cute gesture will be a major hit online.

Billboard 4

  1. Love All Kinds of Love

Thing is, #LoveWins in all angles with this billboard campaign! It won the hearts of many viewers as it depicts all the kinds of love we are not accustomed to seeing in such a good taste. The advertisement got a lot of support from the LGBT community as it transcends the hidden feelings of the LGBT community. To date, this is one of the early campaigns that discussed gender preferences that many refused to pay attention to.

Cloudfone #Awesome Selfie

  1. Cloudfone #AwesomeSelfie Campaign

Do you still remember the ‘Blurred Billboard in C5’ trending topic on Twitter? For weeks, many were intrigued who is behind the Blurred Billboard drama. Some thought it was a mistake, others threw their marketing ploy theories, while the rest made fun and tweeted their #hugot line moments instead.

Nevertheless, it was definitely a hit to all social media millennials. At the end, the blurred #NoLabel billboard turned into an #AwesomeSelfie by Cloudfone and just like millennials it was trying to send a message that you don’t deserve bad and blurred selfies, you deserve #AwesomeSelfies highlighting their upcoming device, Excite Prime 2 Pro that has a 20MP Front Camera with Bokeh Effect. Drawing from the Cloudfone strategy, ‘trending topics that go viral requires hard work so if you want the best campaign, remember to only choose #awesome!’


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