Christmas Orchid and Plant Bazaar at UP Town Center

Orchid lovers had a chance to expand their collection when the Philippine Orchid Society, in partnership with Ayala UP Town Center, recently had a four-day orchid, plant, agriculture and ornamental plant bazaar.

Orchid Bazaar

The four-day orchid and plant bazaar featured rare orchid species like the Phalaenopsis orchid, locally called mariposa and butterfly or moth orchid.

Plant Bazaar
Nepenthes truncata
Plant Bazaar

Among the plants featured in the bazaar was the Pitcher Plant. The pitcher plant is another sought-after plant by local collecting community. There are several different carnivorous  plants which are endemic or indigenous to the county, most of which have modified leaves known as pitfall traps—a prey-trapping mechanism featuring a deep cavity filled with digestive fluid liquid. Insects and even small mammals are trapped at the modified leaves.

Purificacion Orchids and Ornamental Plants
Purificacion Orchids and Ornamental Plants

Purificacion Orchids and Ornamental Plants was one of the participants at the bazaar. They have quality dendrobium hybrid orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, and cattleya orchids among other ornamental plants.

Nature's Farmacy by Mr. Arthur Tanco Jr.
Nature’s Farmacy by Mr. Arthur Tanco Jr.

Nature’s Farmacy sells different kinds of products like guyabano juice, bignay juice and Himalayan salt. Pink Himalayan Salt is often said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest salt available on this planet today. It has several health benefits.

Plant Bazaar
Himalayan Salt

They started selling these products at Salcedo Sunday Market and have an active Facebook page.

Contact 0918-578-3389 and 0917-816-8794 for orders.


The MPL booth sells plastic pots, cactus, ornamental plants, ferns and bonsai materials.

Ever Rich Agriculture Supply
Ever Rich Agriculture Supply

The Ever Rich Agriculture Supply sells plastic pots, vegetable seeds, ornamental plants and organic fungicide. They have a permanent stall within Quezon Memorial Circle.

For orders contact: 632 9942420, 09228205788

Lectures and Talk
Ms. Evangeline Go
Ms. Evangeline Go

Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie” Go lecture about “Growing Orchids for Fun and Profit ” was jam-packed with onlookers and orchid society members.

She recounted that she started growing orchids with loose change from market. Her mother-in-law encouraged her to start growing orchid way back in the mid- 1970’s.

She was able to buy a one-hectare farm in Cavite as part of the earnings selling orchids.

Philippine Orchid Society– Contact 09178485468


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