Christmas gift ideas for our Kasambahay

One’s life becomes less complicated with the assistance of a house helper or kasambahay.  She plays a crucial role in making not just the house spotless but even her amo’s life manageable.  To most parents, they can leave the house and even their children under the care of a helper or maid.  This gives working dads and even moms the time to focus on their career or work.

Truly, a kasambahay’s role is vital.  There may be instances a house help can be a pain but that does not make her less important.  Her household tasks are no easy feat to begin with.  It takes not just diligence but commitment and loyalty to fulfill those duties.

Typically, a house help is not at all demanding.  She appreciates even the little things her amo blesses her with.  Most of the time, it’s the appreciation from her boss that she longs for, and one perfect timing to show such gratitude is on Christmas. makes it easy for one to think of gifts for his loyal servant.

Christmas bonus

The Kasambahay Law or Republic Act No. 10361  affirms the mandatory 13th-month pay of household helpers from employers. The Christmas bonus is equivalent to a month’s pay which should not be less than P2,500 a month.

Christmas dinner basket

Christmas gift ideas for our Kasambahay
Christmas gift ideas for our Kasambahay

A noche buena basket is something the kasambahay would be thrilled to carry from the city to the province.  It is also something she wouldn’t think of buying for her family as she may find it too expensive so might as well do the favor of buying her one.  Include a box of ham, cheese, bread, pasta noodles and pasta sauce, fruit cocktail, condensed milk, cream, gelatin mixes, chocolates, and cookies. You can also add a basket of assorted fruits.

Gift certificates

During the holiday season, most household helpers would request for a vacation leave.  Of course, they would want to celebrate Christmas with their family.  To spare your kasambahay from bringing boxes of pasalubong, you may opt to give her gift certificates instead.  She may use the GC to buy her mom a new dress or her child a new toy.  Shopping then would definitely be more enjoyable and happier with loved ones.

Christmas shopping

If your kasambahay opts to stay with your family during the Christmas celebration, you may accompany her to the mall and let her choose what she would love for herself.  Of course, give her a budget in mind so she wouldn’t exceed beyond that amount.  Or if she isn’t too comfortable with you by her side, you may just give her monetary gift and let her shop by herself.  Just meet her after two to three hours.

Movie and food treat

Christmas season is also the time for the Metro Manila Film Festival.  As your family watches some Tagalog flicks, you may let your kasambahay join you.  She would surely appreciate being included in your circle as you all take time to unwind.  A dinner with you and your family to cap the night would surely be one unforgettable experience for her.

Paid day off

Another option is to give her a bonus day off. Surely, she would appreciate the paid off to spend with her family or friends.  She may also use the day to unwind and just be far from any housework.

Favorite stuff

Christmas gift ideas for our Kasambahay
Christmas gift ideas for our Kasambahay

A number of house helpers are faithful and generous to their family.  Most of them would send to the province the money their amo gave them.  If you see your house help can be this selfless, you may opt to buy her favorite perfume or some clothes.  Often, she wouldn’t buy expensive clothes and perfume.  She would think of them as too impractical.

Surprise her with a gift of family

A number of house helps would rather opt to stay with their master during the holidays and send to their family the money they have saved instead.  If the amo is feeling too generous, she may surprise her kasambahay and invite the latter’s family instead to join them during the Noche Buena.   This gift is something the house helper would truly appreciate.  This is more possible, too, if the family is just within the metro or nearby town.

Christmas gift ideas for our Kasambahay

These are just a few of the options.  There are still a hundred and one ways to show your appreciation to your kasambahay.  The important thing is, you are able to send the message across that you value her presence.  Surely as well, showing your appreciation to your kasambahay will all the more motivate her to stay longer and continue her good service to you and your family.

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