A Christmas Carol needs to be a Tradition

When I was young, watching cartoons or tv shows that had Christmas themes was a normal part of my childhood whenever December comes by. I remember watching Frosty the Snowman, Christmas Holidays, and the like. One of the tv shows that I loved most is A Christmas Carol.

When I learned that 9 Works Theatrical tied up with Globe LIVE to produce A Christmas Carol, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wondered how they would pull off the 3 ghosts from Christmas past, present, and future. However, because it is 9 Works Theatrical and Globe LIVE, I knew that it would be nothing short of magical.


A few weeks ago, I finally got to watch A Christmas Carol and all I can say is that if you miss this staging by 9 Works Theatrical and Globe LIVE, you have missed half of your life. It is simply one of the most magical nights of your life and the staging was nothing short of fantastic. The usage of the stage, lights, sound, and placement of the actors was just mesmerizing. The flow of the show was very fluid and seamless. 9 Works Theatrical definitely brought Christmas in the Philippines with A Christmas Carol.


A Christmas Carol is a musical that will remind you of what is good about life and what is good about humanity.  The Ghost of Christmas Past will remind you to look back at your past so you can understand why you are the way you are right now, the Ghost of Christmas Present will let you see what is happening to you as of the moment, and the Ghost of Christmas Future will reveal to you what will happen should you not mend your ways.

A Christmas Carol will be shown on December 25 at 7pm, December 26 at 8pm and December 27 at 8pm as well. Be sure to catch them at the Globe LIVE Ampitheatre. This holiday season, let’s create #TheMiracleWithin in #GlobeLive9WTACC, coming this December 7-27 at the Globe Iconic Amphitheater.

On its second year, Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical production bring you again Menken & Ahrens’ A Christmas Carol to #CreateNewTraditions for the holidays.



Kathy Kenny


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