How to Choose the Right Apparel that Suits Your Figure

How you carry yourself and what you wear speak so much of who you are as a person. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose branded or expensive clothing to make yourself look classy. The key to wearing appropriate apparel depends on choosing it according to your body shape.

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You also have to consider your lifestyle and working budget. Every piece of clothing, accessory, or footwear should depend on where and why you should wear them.

There are so many ways on how to choose the right apparel. By knowing a few basics, you’ll save yourself from overspending and looking sloppy. Below are some of the most common rules in choosing the appropriate apparel based on your figure.

– Wear looser clothing when you are overweight to give an illusion of a slimmer figure. Never wear undersized clothes to avoid accentuating it.

– If you have short legs, choose a pair of pants that are narrow, straight, and uncuffed to make them look longer.

– Avoid wearing clothes with horizontal stripes and large prints if you have a short, stocky figure. Choose the ones with vertical stripes and smaller prints to give an illusion of slimness and taller height. In short, accentuate the areas that you want to emphasize and deviate from emphasizing the part of your body that you want to conceal.

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– Bright colors tend to enlarge your figure while dark ones make it look slimmer.

– Avoid tops with oversized collars if your shoulders are broad.

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– V-neck, oval, square open-collared shirts can make your neck look longer.

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– If you have broad shoulders and bigger chest or breasts, avoid wearing turtle-neck or round-collared tops because they can make you look stocky and larger. V-neck tops are highly recommended.

– Wearing longer tops and jackets and cuffed pants help very tall men and women minimize their height.

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– A ¾ length coat or top minimizes the height of very tall women.

– 3/4  cut sleeves can make your bigger arms look slimmer.

– When you have a short waist, match your belt with the color of your shirt. When you have a long waist, match it with your skirt or pants.

– Avoid wide belts or waistbands if your torso is short. Wear belts loosely so that it will fall on your waistline.

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– Make sure that the shoes that you select suit your lifestyle and height. Like for instance, a woman with very short legs will look awkward, not taller, when she wears heels that are too high.

– It’s an old rule that you match your socks with the color of your pants to create an illusion of continuity.

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– Generally, the color of your shoes should be the same as or darker than your outfit, particularly if you are dressing for the office or formal occasion.

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– To create an unbroken line from your skirt or dress hem to your feet, match the color of your shoes on it.

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– Choose a darker tone of stockings when you are wearing an all-black outfit. Too nude stockings can make your legs look too pale.

– Wear neutral stockings with bright colored shoes to have the attention of everyone on your shoes rather than your legs.

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– Slingback shoes can make your legs look longer and slimmer.

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– Shoes with wide straps can make your legs look heavy.

– Refrain from wearing heavy, chunky, of large accessories when you are wearing delicate and very soft fabrics.

If you know that you look good, you feel good about yourself. It gives you more confidence and enthusiasm to face the world.

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