Choosing the Right Physician

It is very important to choose the right physician before there is an emergency, sickness, or injury in any member of the family. Whether you are looking the best medical practitioner that can heal the entire family or the one who specializes per member of the family, there are so much to consider: the country’s medical societies, physician’s license, referral service, hospital affiliations, even feedback of friends and relatives. Furthermore, it’s more convenient and less stressful if the physician of your choice is affiliated with your current health insurance policy and hospital preference.

choosing the right physician, doctor

The following questions may help you decide in choosing the right physician:

– Can the physician treat each family member correctly?

– Does the physician possess a good clinical eye?

– Does the physician take time to know his or her patients well?

– Is the physician willing to form a partnership with you and take time to discuss treatments and options?

– Can the physician be called anytime in case of emergency?

– Does the physician have staff privileges at a nearby accredited hospital?

– Does the physician charge professional fees reasonably?

– Does the physician show compassion not just to the patient but to his or he family members as well?

– Does the physician encourage preventive medicine like routine check-ups, immunizations, and follow-up tests reasonably?

– Does the physician have clinic hours that are convenient for the family’s schedule?

– Does the physician make arrangements for a substitute when he or she is not available?

– Is the physician certified by Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and Philippine Medical Association?

If the answers to these questions are clear and favorable to you, you have already found the right physician that works best for you and your family.

SJ Valdez

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