Choosing the Right Makeup for You


With a wide array of makeup available in the market today, choosing the right brand and shades may seem daunting especially for a makeup newbie. You just have to remember to choose the right makeup, you have to pick one that suits your skin complexion. For those completely clueless what exactly are we talking about, or maybe you’d just want to add more cosmetic to your growing arsenal, shares a few tips to guide you in your search for the makeup products that you can add to your kikay kit. Read on…

Choose your base


The first and foremost thing in your makeup kit is the right base or foundation. There are two things to remember when choosing the right one—shade and undertone. Choose a shade that perfectly matches your skin on your jawline, not at the back of your hand. This assures that the foundation matches your face and neck. You won’t be looking like a Japanese Kabuki if you will follow this rule of thumb when it comes to finding the appropriate foundation based for your skin type. As for your undertone, Filipina women in particular, in general, have a yellow based undertone, so stay away from pink based foundation and leave them to the Mestizas or Caucasians.

Master your peepers


If you’re a makeup newbie, an earth-toned palette is your best bet, whatever your complexion is. The basic palette must be composed of vanilla, medium brown, dark brown, and black can already give you variety of looks, without having to fear of choosing the wrong color. If you’re feeling adventurous, fair skinned ladies can opt for cool colors such as mint green or lilac. Darker skinned women can wear jewel toned shades, such a navy blue or emerald green. The classic smokey eye palette of white, silver, and charcoal pretty much suits all skin tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try these shades to look rocking ’glam for a special evening or party which you need to go to.

Pucker Up in Style


There are no hard and fast rules for lip colors, so you can experiment through mix and match—so have as much fun with them! For starters, a pinkish brown shade is something that’s a notch higher than your natural lip color so it’s an ideal for everyday use. A great pick-me-upper is finding the right red lipstick for that vavavoom sexy pucker. For fair skin, a great complement is a blue-based red lippie, while darker ones can go for orangey-reds. Other than that, to be safe, go for pastels, brights, nudes, glosses, and endless array of pinks. You will definitely find something that will suit your lip color and will surely look good on you, highlighting your assets.

Get Cheeky


As for the cheek color, pink, peach, and apricot blushes go well with fair skin. Avoid muddy colors and bronzers as they will only make your face oily. Opt for berry, dusty rose, and stick with coral shades that suit medium skin tones. Brick, orange, and plum are the go-to shades for dark skin. Shimmery bronzers can also replace blush for morenas.

Vance Madrid

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