Chinese Lucky Charms to Attract Good Luck in the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017


Feng shui is the ancient science of selecting a living environment where the element and the energies are in harmonious balance. The Chinese have an amazing collection of feng shui charms, cures, and enhancers, as well as auspicious art and gift items. Do you know which items can bring you good luck in the year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese Calendar? All these items are said to bring powerful and us and auspicious yang chi to the entire home. shares them with you. 

Close-up view of Chinese coins
Close-up view of Chinese coins

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster which will commence on February 3, 2017. Many people are eager to know if they will have better good luck in the coming year than the previous years. Master Joseph Lau, an astrology and feng shui expert explains the Chinese Astrology uses Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) theory to forsee what will be happening to them in the Year of the Fire Rooster in 2007. 

Chinese New Year’s day is not the first day of the Chinese astrological Year. 2017 Chinese New Year falls on January 28,2017. That is the new moon day of the first lunar month, The new moon time of the first lunar month is at 8:08 a.m. of January 28 in Chinese Standard Time from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. 

Traditionally, everyone gets a new charm to optimize good fortune, get in alignment with new energy of the year and symbolize a new beginning. Chinese folklore traditions have long been embraced by Filipinos brought by Chinoys (Chinese-Filipinos) in the Binondo and Banaue area communities. Chinese folklore tradition  recommend that every sign should carry a three-dimensional Lucky Jade Animal charm for the year. 

The Dragon is the most compatible sign to the Rooster according to grandmaster Lin Yun who says, “When the golden rooster meets the dragon, they become ruler as kings.” This means if you’re born in the year of the dragon, this will surely be your year as good things will certainly come your way and more doors of opportunities will be open to you. For others who are not born in the year of the dragon, fret not, there are still ways to attract good luck with these Chinese charms to continue to ward off bad vibes and instead bring auspicious good luck. 

Feng shui coins tied in red thread symbolizes wealth
Feng shui coins tied in red thread symbolizes wealth

Feng shui coins

The three coins tied with a red thread symbolize a never-ending source of wealth. These coins represent the union of heaven, earth and man. These three are a very auspicious combination. Put these coins on your wallet so it would never go empty. 

Lotus Flower

photos from
photo from

The Lotus Flower made of glass crystals is said to keep the good vibes coming. It looks great for display as it has rainbow colored diamonds on its bud and petals. During the Moon Festival, the Lotus Flower is taken outside to gather enough energy from the auspicious moon for six hours before it is taken back inside the house. 

Red Envelopes or Angpao

Angpao Envelopes are said to bring good luck for both the giver and the recipient.
Angpao Envelopes are said to bring good luck for both the giver and the recipient.

Chinese Filipinos have made this popular to us. These eye-catching red envelopes with Chinese designs are considered lucky. They are best known as money envelopes during the Chinese New Year. It is said that it brings good luck for both the giver and the recipient of the red envelopes. 

Rose Quartz Pendant

Rose quartz pendant
Rose quartz pendant are best for single ladies to wear to attract love

Are you still single? Rose quartz pendant is ideal for ladies who would want to attract a prospective boyfriend. The rose quartz pendant is worn always during the dates for him to be smitten by the wearer’s beauty and personality. 

Faithful Rooster


2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. The Faithful Rooster is said to strengthen marital relationship. It promises to make the husband very loving and ever faithful. Also, it may help grant the wish to have a baby boy. 

Mandarin Pair of Ducks


A pair of this elegant Mandarin ducks promises a flourishing love life for everyone who has it. 

Prosperity Candles

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photo from

Light this special candle as you say a little prayer and it will guide you throughout the year. 

Enter the Dragon Figurine


The powerful dragon tortoise is for the career-oriented. It will help you clinch that job you’ve always wanted. You may be up for some promotion with the help of this dragon.

Crystal Clear Globes

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photo from

Crystal clear globes help turn mediocre students into brilliant ones. Perfect to put into a student’s study table or any place conducive to learning. 

Nature Wind Chimes


Wind chimes bring in good luck and a prosperous year to everyone who lives in the said house where it is displayed.

Many people swear with these good luck Chinese charms while others may think that they’re silly. But whether or not it’s possible to influence Lady Luck to be by our side with these Chinese Good Luck charms, these charms can affect your attitude and can be a lot of fun. And as we all know, if you’re having fun and feeling more positive, one’s attitude can make you luckier in life. So if you don’t have a lucky charm yet, better pick from among the popular Chinese good luck charms we’ve listed above. Who knows? 2017 might just be your lucky year!


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