Cheesy gifts we give on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the light of our lives. Usually in days like these, we give our mother gifts or maybe eat outside to honor the occasion. Sadly, some/most of us have the habit of giving them the same type of present over and over again. In this article, we list down the common items we guiltily present on mother’s day.


Greeting cards

The most common gift we give on mother’s day. Ranging from store bought to home-made, greeting cards are known to be “the one for all” family gift. That’s because anyone can pitch in to write a signature without paying anything.

cheesy spa

Spa certificates

Another common gift, the type when we are running out of options so we go to mom’s favorite spa place to get a “Mother’s Day Coupon”. Yes, that type of gift. These selections range from, free manicures to 50% off on full treatments. There is no shame in this because we’ve all been there (we really do).

cheesy mag


The tried and tested method, buying a magazine based on mom’s hobbies. The type where people can buy it in the open without their mother noticing. These mags can range from cooking to knitting, the secret to buying a gift worthy magazine is NOT choosing by brand but with content.


Breakfast in Bed

A mother’s day classic, the kind of gift where the rest of the family plans ahead. This type of gift needs a bit of planning because the steps are listing the type of food mom likes, waking up ahead of time, and most importantly cooking discretely. No matter how cheesy this gift is, mothers would surely love the gesture.


Doing the chores in her stead

This may look lazy for a gift but it always works! Mothers wake up in ungodly hours just to prepare everything for their husband and child; so what better way to show their appreciation than to help or do their chores for them? Another idea for this type of gift is making “mommy coupons.” A bundle of cards filled with the type of kind gestures that kids can do for free. These can range from a free shoulder massage to doing the laundry.

No matter how cheesy or cheap some of these gifts are in the list, always remember that the thought of putting an effort on these presents are a kind and loving gesture in itself. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Juan Paulo Pereña

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