How Cesarean Section Got its Name?

Have you ever wondered how Cesarean section got its name?

Also known as C-section, this child birth procedure involves the surgical retrieval of the baby through an incision in the abdomen.  It is an alternate means of child birth especially if complications occur that normal delivery can’t accommodate.

First Cesarean section

How cesarean section got its name?
How cesarean section got its name?

Though without much evidence, it has been said that the great Julius Ceasar was born through this way, thus the origin of the medical procedure.

Etymology of Cesarean section

Another report though has it that the name was actually derived from the Latin word “caedare” which means “to cut.”  The medical procedure was used to help birth babies whose mothers were dying from the process.  Historians assured that it has been a practice even before Julius Caesar’s time.

The word section is used instead of surgery or procedure because the term section describes the act of cutting.

Reason for a Cesarean section

How cesarean section got its name?
How cesarean section got its name?

Though vaginal delivery, commonly referred to as normal delivery, remains the preferred method of birthing, still there are times when C- section is recommended.  This especially holds true if the doctor sees it’s the safest option to save the mother and child from complications.

The most common reason mothers go through C-section is when the labor has started but doesn’t progress.  This means the cervix doesn’t dilate enough to let the baby pass through the vagina.   Another reason is the improper position of the fetus for delivery.  The baby may be in a breech position or the infant’s lower part of the body is in the birth canal.   A C-section is also expected when the baby’s head is unusually big. Some women undergo Cesarean section if their previous children were born via this surgery as well. Others also have a Cesarean section because of gestational diabetes or other health issues.

Risk of a Cesarean section

The risks of C-section is low but possible.  Compared with the danger of vaginal delivery, Cesarean section is more high-risk for the mother. Complications such as blood clots, hemorrhage, and infection are possible.  In today’s  time though, a C-section has become less stressful.  Anesthesia is readily available and so are other modern-day conveniences in giving birth. For one,  anesthesia totally numbs the mother’s belly and down during surgery, thus the cutting won’t hurt a bit.

The truth about Cesarean section

How cesarean section got its name?
How cesarean section got its name?

A woman who had Cesarean section went through a major abdominal surgery to deliver her precious child.  For the first few weeks, the newness of the scar may scare or disappoint the mom.  But there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Over time, it would fade and flatten. A mother may even love it as it is her battle scar –  It brought her the most beautiful gift in the world.

Have you experienced Cesarean section already?  Would love to hear your story.
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