Celebration of Arts and Plants at Hortikultura Filipina 2018

Hortikultura Filipina 2018 is the opening salvo plant show hosted and organized by the Philippine Horticulture Society Inc.. The festival will open to the public on February 3, 2018.

HortiKultura Filipina 2018
HortiKultura Filipina 2018

The plant and art show is a grand showcase of landscape exhibits, pocket gardens in Metro Manila and Southeast Asia. It promises to be a visual delight for everyone from plant enthusiasts to casual admirers of plants, art, flowers and even pets.

The event will also coincide with “National Art Month” this coming February. The event expects to attract between 40,000 to 60,000 from all walks of life.

HortiKulutra Filipina 2018

The event spans all four show gardens at the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC):  Hardin ng mga Bulaklak (Flower Garden), Tropical Garden, Runnex Elevated Garden and the Rock Garden. Likewise, special exhibits are scheduled at the nearby QCX Museum.

HortiKultura Filipina 2018
HortiKultura Filipina 2018 vicinity map

HortiKultura Filipina 2018 has expanded from just being at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak (Flower Garden) to cover almost six (6) hectares of the 26-hectare Quezon Elliptical Circle. Now, there are permanent plant stalls, wall climbing facilities, QCX Museum, Quezon heritage house , countless of restaurants, pocket garden and dancing fountain which will greet any visitors at the site.

photo credit : Allied Botanical Corporation ( Mr. Mike Caballes)
photo credit : Allied Botanical Corporation ( Mr. Mike Caballes)

Corporate Showcase Exhibits

Allied Botanical Corporation one of the largest supplier of flowering annuals, vegetables seeds, flowering annuals, fertilizers and potting mixture will have a large bed of flowering annual flowers like marigolds, petunias, sunflowers, celosias among others.

Photo courtesy of: Allied Botanical Corporation
Photo courtesy of: Allied Botanical Corporation

King Louis Flowers is one of Manila’s favorite supplier of wedding flowers, cut flowers, tulips, flowering potted plants and Christmas poinsettias is weaving together flowers of varying vintage colors that will carpet the Elevated Garden or Runnex of QMC.

In another part of Runnex, My Mother’s Garden is transforming it into a meditative area by showcasing a collection of about 20 bonsai plants bruited to be the best of the best.

 Landscapes Competition

 There are about 15 entries in the competition for Best Landscape Design. Last year’s favorite and landscape winner, Pangasinan Horticulture and Landscape Society, Meanwhile, Yuyong La’O, a favorite of the elegant and sophisticated set, is doing another one of his much-awaited landscape designs.


Cactus and Succulents / Potted Ornamentals / Air plants

Indoor and outdoor potted plants, which are growing in popularity among those who live in small or tight spaces, are in dizzying abundance this year. These types of plants are highly portable or can be moved in or outside the house depending on the light source or aesthetic whim. A lot of these plants are in competition and vying for the best in show categories.

Individual Plant Competition

There will be individual plants from ornamental, annual,perennials, orchids, ferns, variegated plants, trees, cacti, succulents, aroids among others.

Urban Edibles / Urban Farming

Urban Farming is showcasing creative farming in small spaces or in recycled containers. Exhibit and competition on urban farming promote the cultivation of different varieties of vegetable and even ornamental plants that can be grown in your own homes or available community areas. The ultimate aim is to augment family incomes and reduce food expenses.

Photo credit: Allied Botanical Corporation
Photo credit: Allied Botanical Corporation

 Vertical Gardens

At least ten (10) vertical gardens are being set-up at the QMC’s Rock Garden. Groups of UP Landscape Architecture students were tasked to do basic designs.

Harbest Agribusiness will be on hand to advise on irrigation systems for vertical gardens. It will also help revive and refurbish the existing vertical gardens at the Tropical Garden and at the rotunda fronting the East Avenue gate of QMC.

terrarium competition
terrarium competition

 Terrariums and Vivarium 

One of the newest categories in competition at HortiKultura Filipina 2018 is the terrarium. Just like potted plants, terrariums are mobile or portable. Terrariums are supposed to be complete ecosystems that can be almost maintenance free. The exhibition at HortiKultura are creations of Jhay Cortes who is internationally ranked by the International Aquatic Plants Lay-out Group. More recently, he placed third at the Aquatic Gardeners Association International Competition. His winning creation is in exhibition at HortiKultura 2018 at the QCX Museum.

Terrarium exhibit1

Tiffany Cham, wildlife breeder and creator-partner of the World of Creepy Crawlies at the Manila Ocean Park, is also exhibiting a number of her terrariums including a host of exotic animals. Just like Jhay Cortes’s creations, Cham is at the QCX Museum.

Ikebana and Ikebono Exhibits

There will be dozens of Japanese -inspired flower arrangement and competition . Plus there will be a flower arrangement competition for professionals.

Daily lectures

 Daily Seminars and Lectures

Department of Trade and Industry through its agencies such as the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises Develpoment and the Bureau of Domestic Trade is holding daily seminars, lectures and counseling on Business Start-ups on Horticulture; Entrepreneuring; Business Planning and Management and Competence Building.

Walking Tours

There is a schedule walking tour during the duration of the event. tour guides will be on there to explain to the visitors the landscape exhibits and show.

HortiKultura Filipina 20183

Trade Fair

There will be over 200 commercial bazaar selling different kinds of ornamental plants, agricultural produce, handicrafts, organic soaps, orchids, fertilizers, seeds, pots, compost soil, ferns, cacti, succulents, fruit trees, bonsai among others.

HortiKultura Filipina 2018
Photo courtesy of Mr. Mac Pagsolingan )

Sponsors and Donors

Department of Trade and Industry, Quezon City local government, Del Monte, Nutri-Asia, San Miguel Corporation, Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism, King Louis, Harvest Agribusiness, Allied Botanical Corporation, Villar Foundation.

For more information about the upcoming HortiKultura Filipina 2018 show, please try to call the PHSI Secretariat at 0917-712-6392, 577-52-34 look for Ms. Angel.

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