Careless Whisper: Songs Written by George Michael

Who would have thought that as the year reaches its final stretch another music icon perished on what could have been the happiest day of the year. George Michael age 53 was found dead at his home in Goring-on-Thames, United Kingdom on December 25- Christmas

George Michael started his musical career as the lead vocalist for the 80’s pop group Wham in 1981. Together with his sparring duo Anthony Ridgeley, the pop icon group Wham took the music arena by storm with big hits such as “Freedom”, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” and “Last Christmas” which have been on top of the charts in 1984.

Careless Whisper (1984)

Inspired and talented, this 80s heartthrob was a serious song composer. The 1984 big hit the “Careless Whisper” was just one of the songs written by George Michael. This was his first hit when he went solo that regarded him as a serious artist shunning away from the bubbly tunes of his band group. It was George Michael’s regret in his romance that propelled him to write this song. He regretted two-timing his girlfriend thinking that she will find out about his affair with another girl but eventually she never did.

Interesting to know that George Michael was only 17 when he wrote Careless Whisper while traveling to work inside a bus. George was working as DJ in a Bel-Air restaurant during this time. Eventually, he was sacked from the Bel Air restaurant for frequently being late and for playing songs without the approval of his boss. On his last night at work, he had a chance to play his demo single Careless Whisper and when people heard it play they immediately rushed into the floor and grooved with it right away. This made George Michael feel good and confident about his music.

A Different Corner (1986)

When it comes to the songs written by George Michael, the next solo number “A Different Corner” was written with real emotions. Although “Careless Whisper” was an epic hit and served a soundtrack for slow dances worldwide, George Michael felt that it lacked genuine and deep emotions.

The official video for the song “A Different Corner” has a deep recall through the simple black and white settings wherein George Michael was dressed in all white. There is so much soul in this song realizing that it was written about someone who did not show the same level of deep affection and love for him. This was released in 1986 at the time that George has already reached fame and fortune but it got in the way of having his one true love. George Michael even shared in his past interview- “I had everything I wanted, this was the first time I had ever really fallen in love and it seemed that it couldn’t work because of everything I already had.”

George Michael further explained- “It was the first time I used my own experience and emotions for a song. It was totally therapeutic; I completely exorcised that little part of my life. Careless Whisper never moved me like that.”

The record sleeve of the single “A Different Corner” has a printed note that read- “This record is dedicated to a memory.”

I Want Your Sex (1987)

Intriguing and yet liberating, one the most controversial songs written by George Michael is “I Want Your Sex”. At the height of AIDS scare, George took it personally and was compelled to write a song about sex. He was annoyed at the message going around the media that people should be afraid of having sex because of AIDS.

George Michael explained his view on this issue- “My whole point was that there should be an attack on promiscuity but you could do it without making kids frightened of sex,” he said. “I was trying to counter the idea that for something to be erotic it has to be forbidden and sleazy.

Ironically even if the song “I Want Your Sex” was banned during daytime airing over at BBC radio, this fiasco did not affect the success of George Michael first solo album “Faith” where this song is included in fact this album sold 10+ million units in the US alone and become one the biggest album releases in the 80s.  George Michael responded to media’s negative reactions by saying “I became the antichrist for a couple of weeks.

Jesus to A Child (1996)

Included on the third album called Older, one of the best songs written by George Michael is “Jesus to a Child”. This could probably be the most personal composition of George evoking deep sorrow and moving emotions. It hit the number one spot on UK charts. Unknown to public, the very subject of “Jesus to A Child” song was George Michael’s boyfriend Anselmo Feleppa who succumbed to brain hemorrhage as a complication from AIDS.  George Michael later confessed “I think Anselmo was the first time that I really loved someone selflessly“.

At this time, George tried to shun away from topics related to his personal life and that’s when speculation about his sexuality started to get so much attention from the press. Boldly, the legendary singer/composer issued a statement as a respond by saying- “I think that one of the things that is so difficult in the modern world to actually accept is that sexuality is a really, really blurry thing.

The song has a haunting melody that features Spanish guitar tunes and the lyrics melancholy expressed deep emotions of love. “Jesus To A Child” was a personal expression and one of the greatest songs written by George Michael.

Losing an iconic pop star of the 80’s George Michael this December 2016 on Christmas day is one very tragic story as the year is about to end but his music lives on and his tunes will continue playing in the memories of millions of fans worldwide.

Flowers are being offered as tribute outside George Michael UK home.

It is good to remember how the songs written by George Michael can convey deep emotions wherein fans can emotionally connect and these lyrics from his “A Different Corner” song- “I’d say love was a magical flame. I’d say love would keep us from pain. Had I been there, had I been there…” will linger on in the hearts of millions of George Michael fans around the world. #RIPGeorgeMichael

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