Capture treasured moments

Almost everyone is into photography these days. Whether it’s taking snaps of their everyday lives or once-in-a lifetime experiences, there’s plenty of photographs being shared on social media. Some people curate their feeds with exquisite snaps better than others. One such person: Sony brand endorser, Nadine Lustre.

As evidenced by her Instagram feed, Nadine has a keen eye for photography. Her feed gets a lot of likes and compliments not just from her fans but even from professional photographers. Her posts include her travels, daily life activities, and time spent with friends and family—proving that she cherishes these moments and documents them through photographs.

“I just love looking at great pictures. Through social media, you see a lot of nice, well-curated feeds,” says Nadine.

Her love for beautiful photographs has driven her to keep browsing Pinterest feeds, reading books, and looking at how stunning photographs are composed. This has led her to experiment with the way she takes photographs.

“The more you learn to appreciate photographs, the more you understand the process of composing good ones. Keep taking photos and seeking inspiration everywhere. Soon, you’ll be framing subjects with balance of imagery in mind and knowing how to take them with the light available.”

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Kathy Kenny


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