Can gambling ever be a healthy hobby?

When we look at people’s perceptions of gambling its clear there is two main categories people fall in to. The first being that gambling is wrong and leads to problems with addiction and debt, or secondly a contrasting opinion that gambling is simply an exciting recreational activity causing little to no issues for the majority.

At Wizard Slots, a place for casino slots games, we strongly believe gambling can be a healthy hobby to have if individuals gamble responsibly, gambling should be focused on the fun and excitement factor it brings to the player rather than solely for financial purposes. It is also vital that you have other hobbies and activities to avoid addiction caused by frequent gambling.

How to Gamble in a healthy and responsible manner

A hobby is all about having fun, enjoyment and being entertained. Just look at some of the most popular hobbies, which include sports such as football and rugby, as well as other hobbies such as gaming and tv these are all associated with a high degree of enjoyment.

Therefore, the same ideology must be applied to gambling for it to be classified as a hobby. If you find yourself not enjoying it then it might be best to take a break. It doesn’t have to be long and you may even find when returning to the games you will enjoy yourself more since you’ve had a break. Playing whilst not enjoying is also a sign you may be becoming addicted, which would certainly not be healthy.


Additionally, it’s important that the gambling is not taking over your life, you should still be able to maintain your relationships and have a healthy social life. Just like any hobby you can’t be spending all day everyday doing it, it should have a certain amount of time every week. This allows you to balance the rest of your life such as your work/university, social life and other hobbies or responsibilities.

It can become concerning when gamblers continue to bet on a losing streak, these streaks are very hard to control as gambling is a game of luck and sometimes you just get a bad series of luck. It is important to not become angered by this as that could lead to increasing bet sizes and losing more in hopes of making back what you’ve lost, this can easily spiral out of control and even bankrupt some people.

So again, use the same ideas as before and just take a break, whilst this might not change your look it will hopefully calm you down and prevent you losing control. This is also just as significant when we look at people who receive a big win, they may be tempted to increase the stakes higher than they usually would as they’ve just won. Losing your winnings could then cause even more frustration and result in a similar conclusion.

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