Caffeinemories: Notes of Memories and Satisfaction at Caffé Nativo

Caffé Nativo is not your regular cushy place for coffee in Tagaytay City. Its homey feel and relaxing ambiance permit a stay that lets you get a kick out of its coffee and food. At Caffé Nativo, a cup of coffee shared with a company is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Coffee is downright an addiction becoming a custom among the society’s most active workforce – the millennials. There are many who love coffee so much. In Caffé Nativo, they will let you experience the kind of coffee that is perfect for your taste buds.

Caffe Nativo

Do you know that your choice of coffee can tell what kind of person you are? Caffé Nativo will tell you just right. Say for instance, you are an Espresso lover. It means you are friendly and adaptive. You’re actually like the taste of a coffee – a rare but admirable trait. If you like Iced Coffee the most, you’re assertive and outspoken. You don’t let seasons dictate how you live your life and you like straws.

If Americano is what’s always placed in your order, you’re calm and conscientious. You enjoy the simple things in life like picnics in the park, bird chirping, and watery coffee. Learn more what your coffee says about you when you visit this awesome place in the highlands.

Many well-known coffee shops use different social media platforms to lure the people into getting more out of their coffee. But Caffé Nativo assures you a good comeback with its feel-at-home ambiance and comforting flavors. To let you understand why, it flaunts a wall that testifies how they are different from other coffee places in the area.

Caffé Nativo Caffeinemories

Caffe Nativo

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“We want to satisfy you with the money you have paid and make sure everyone is warmly accommodated.” says chef Manuel.

“May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.”

To let you experience the different coffee experience like what others have been talking about, you can visit Caffé Nativo with your friends and family at Ground Floor, Tagaytay Prime Residences, San Jose, Tagaytay City. For reservations and more information, you can contact them at 0919-339-5953 or visit their Facebook page here.

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