Why buying an old surfboard is lit this 2018

Philippines is home to good surfers and wave enthusiasts. Since summer is right at the corner, it’s a surfer’s biggest vice and the equivalent to buy a new surfboard. Every surfer simply loves a brand new toy and at the same time spend less to enjoy more of some other activities to engage in while hitting great spots for summer.

Instagram | Diesel Storm Butts
Instagram | Diesel Storm Butts

As a surfer, there are good reasons to purchase a new surfboard, but is it time to have a different take on the vice and consider a move away from buying brand new this 2018? Well, we are giving you six considerations that might sway you away from buying a brand new surfboard towards buying a used board instead for your next summer wave sessions.

Saves cash

It is a common understanding that buying any used item would cost you lesser than the original price. Surfers who take the feat of buying used boards save at least 1/3 of the price tag compared to a new one. There are tons of good to excellent condition boards that are worth buying and they have been tested through time and good handling.

Surf more

Now that you’re buying a second hand, you’ll start to buy a few more boards igniting your nerves to explore more with your new buddy. Pick up a retro fish or experiment with that quad you’ve had your eyes on for years. You’ll get to be excited with your new boards while taking more time to get used to them. The more boards you add up to your collection, the more pumped you will get to hit the waves!

Improves performance

With a new board, you will try to experiment new tricks and moves to spice up your game. Surfers know how one surf board can be a little playful than that of the others. Surfing with varied selection of boards will teach you about wave riding ditching away your old tricks with your standard board for too long without risking new changes. Buying used and mixing things up brings out the better surfer in you swaying away from becoming a little stagnant. Surf more and ride a varied quiver of shapes to suit the conditions and you’ll find yourself evolving as a surfer too.

Grows your surfboard quiver

Owning a large and diverse quiver of surfboards is something to be proud of. One is never enough and two is the minimum for an avid surfer. Even the most infrequent of surfers might have a few boards stored away in the garage. Buying and selling second hand surfboards and watch your rack burst at the seams is something quite challenging and self-fulfilling. You can even start a new hobby of collecting boards and personalizing them and become the envy of all your friends.

Instagram | Island Surf Company
Instagram | Island Surf Company

The surf itself produces such a variation of surfing conditions that it almost seems rude not to have a suitable board to make the most of them. Lend some out, hang some on the wall or pass them down to future generations. Either way, a truck load of surfboards in your garage should be your pride and joy.

Money back guarantee

Giving in to the ruthless reality of buying a new board only to find out it’s not showing the kind of performance you we’re expecting after one or two surfs on the waves is infuriating. But selling an almost new board that’s only been surfed a few times is a pretty hard task if you’re expecting to retrieve the majority of your money back. The bottom line is that you’ll probably have to accept you’ll lose 1/3 of its value. When this unfortunate thing happens, why not consider buying a used one and get the chance to reap the majority of your money back when things don’t work for you?

Buying new doesn’t make you surf better

It’s a mental undertone that many surf boards having very good to excellent quality can be considered having the same level of performance a brand new board can give. But if you are an experienced and regular surfer, you’ll be keen enough to check the specifics of your desired board. This doesn’t mean that having a new board gives you the drive or responsiveness to experience a high level performance while on the waves. Each surfer has his riding style that is not being complemented by a brand new board. It’s how you can easily adopt to diverse types of boards, whether it be fun boards, hybrids, and larger high volume designed boards. But there is one sure thing when you buy your next board—a brand new one won’t necessarily make you a better surfer.

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