Burger King Unveils Something New That Will Appeal to Your Palate!

Burger King (BK) has lived up to its slogan, “Have it your way!” by giving customers what they want. Last Friday, they have introduced new specialties guaranteed to appeal to its patrons – milkshakes and the Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch.

Burger King is about to release two new products – The Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch and Thick-Blend Milkshakes that come in three flavors.

These products were launched at Burger King’s Connecticut Branch in Greenhills. Members of digital media were invited to an Exclusive Taste Test. They were given the chance to sample these new specialties.

Although BK has already introduced the 4-Cheese Burger, they have decided to lift it up a notch by adding Cheetos. Burger King does not only make hamburgers. It is also a multinational company (Burger King Global) that is also involved in other industries and one of them is making snack food like Cheetos. Thus, it seemed a logical choice to use it with the hamburgers.

The Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch uses the Cheddar Jalapeno flavor giving it more spice as well as a satisfying crunch when you bite into the burger which is loaded with Mozzarella, Swiss, American and Cheddar added to a 100% beef patty. All these make for an exquisite taste you will not regret trying.

Not wanting to be left behind by its rivals, BK has decided to introduce Thick-blend Milkshakes to their menu. They come in three flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. When they say they are “Thick Blend,” these shakes are really thick. You can feel resistance when you stir it with your straw. But the thickness is just right and the sweet taste compliments any burger meal.

According to Jo Anne Tan, Marketing Head of Burger King Philippines, “Burger King is keen on implementing efforts to reinvent our products One of the many ways is to add new variations to satisfy the cravings of our consumers.”

At the end of the event, the media participants received giveaways in Sodexo gift certificates and a stuffed toy depiction of Chester, the mascot of Cheetos.

The Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch and Thick-blend Milkshakes are coming soon to a Burger King branch near you.

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