Buffet Restaurant Review Part 1 – Sambokojin

Buffet restaurants are fast becoming popular in the Philippines. Who would not want to take advantage of the “Eat All You Can” promotions? The beauty of it is you get to try our various dishes at very affordable prices. For this article, we will review one of the popular buffet restaurants in town – Sambokojin. The establishment is named after Sambokojin, the Japanese God of the Kitchen.

The Setup

Sambokojin is well-organized. There is a queuing system that makes sure everyone will be seated in an organized manner. It is recommended you go there during lunch time on weekdays where the price is lower and there are a few diners compared to dinner time. Expect weekends to be full with families coming to dine so it is best to make reservations early.

Everything you need is on your table. All you got to do is go get food.

There are ushers and waiters there who will escort you to your table. Once you are settled in, you can start.

Buffet Food

As the name of the establishment may suggest, most of the dishes served are Asian – mostly Japanese and Korean though in some branches, there will be Chinese dishes such as Mapo Tofu. For soup, you have a choice of Miso Soup or Haemul Jongol (Spicy Seafood Soup). In the rice department, you can choose among plain rice, Japanese Chahan Rice or Korean Kimchi Fried Rice (or in some branches you might get Yang Chow).

Sambokojin does not hold back in offering various meat and seafood dishes. You can expect Bulgogi, Katsu (breaded meats), Teppanyaki, Sukiyaki and so on. There are various noodle dishes – ramen, ramyun, chapchae, udon and soba.

There is also the sushi and sashimi section where you can take your pick on what you like. It is advisable you take something cooked first before something raw like sushi.

The sushi and sashimi section.

The only non-Asian servings are at the carving station. You can have Roast Beef, Roast Leg of Lamb or Roast Pork Belly along with a variety of sauces. Sambokojin takes pride in using top grade US Beef.

Sambokojin also has a smokeless grill. There is section for raw meat and seafood you can pick and cook at your table. Everything you can think of is right there. Sometimes they will run out but do not worry. Just wait a while for the staff to replenish them.

The other non-Asian servings are the desserts for those with a sweet tooth. You can tell it is the dessert station with the chocolate fountain on it. There is a wide variety to choose ranging from pies to cakes. For the health-conscious, there is a salad bar as well.

The Sweet Corner – the desserts section.

For drinks, there is a wide selection of juices if you do not like softdrinks or water. The writer recommends the cucumber-lemonade juice.


Sambokojin has several promos up their sleeve. One is the Frequent Diner Card. Every time you visit, have each square stamped (There are 10). Once you complete 10 visits, your next visit will be free of charge.

They also make it a custom to greet you on your birthday with the staff doing set performance while greeting you on your special day. You get a free birthday buffet if you bring one full-paying adult guest with you.

You can pay as low as 411.60 Php per person if you reserve and pre-pay a Big Group Reservation. Another promo is the Group of 10 where for every 10 adults (children do not count), one from the group is free.

If this is to be compared to Yakimix, they are similar though the latter has more Chinese dishes and their prices are also similar.

If you are looking for a wide variety of Asian cuisine to dine on, Sambokojin is just the place.

Sambokojin has branches in SM Megamall, SM Southmall, Eastwood, EDSA (near Ortigas Avenue), West Avenue, and SM City Fairview.


Featured Image Source: Ang Kaladkarin

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