Budget flagship phone? Look at last year

Happen to be looking for your next flagship level smartphone, but can’t quite afford the ridiculous price tag? No problem, go back a year or two ago. You’re welcome.

Not convinced? Hear me out.

What is it that you are looking for in a phone? 

If it’s to upgrade your current slowpoke of a device from 5 years ago, then congratulations, that’s a leap forward. If it’s because you think your current model does not have the guts to scale into the future, think again.

The upgrade is relative 


A lot of flagship phones from last year or even two years ago are still mighty capable phones. All of which are powerful beasts in their own rights, no matter the version. Consider this: 90% of all flagship level phones released within a year contain the exact same processors.

This means that the “upgrade” of one flagship phone to another is determined by one company. Additionally, the transition from the previous year ‘advances’ by a maximum of 10% percent in performance sans the gimmicks per manufacturer.

It’s the same reason people wait out the next few iterations of their beloved smartphone brands. The ‘leap’ forward in ‘innovation’ isn’t just quite there if the gap is within 365 days.

The flagship

One good example is the iPhone of Apple. Consider how the company from Cupertino holds off adding a number to their next flagship by about two years. The next version of their brand almost always adds an ‘s’ after the number. Which is just a fancy term for iPhone 6.5, for example. An even better example is the iPhone 5 SE which is the same tech from years prior with some tweaks on hardware to keep it fresh into the next year.

What happens now is that the iPhone 6 is a lot cheaper than the iPhone 6s but the difference in specs is hardly noticeable, if at all.

It applies to everyone

The same applies to everyone. It’s not just for Apple.

Before you go off on a spending spree for your next device. Try, for a moment to ask the experts. Consider if the latest and greatest flagship is, indeed, an upgrade from where you are right now.

Do this, and perhaps, I have done my job in getting you to save more than before you got to read this.

You’re welcome.