Brush up on Blowdrying


How many times have you watched in amazement as your hairdresser flicks the brush and wields the hairdryer and hair iron to transform your hair from wet to limp to sleek and shiny? It all seems so easy, but when you try it at home you end up with is frizz that won’t hang as it should. Don’t despair girl, your stylist hasn’t got magical powers. You too can learn the art of blowing with our special guide. 


After shampooing, let your hair dry naturally for as long as you can. Soaking wet hair is fragile and elastic thus blow-drying it may only further lead to damage the hair. With your fingers, detangle your hair gently and then comb it with brush with widely-spaced teeth. Begin at the ends and work upwards. Finally, blow dry, and run your fingers through the hair once more. You can always spritz water on to hair while styling it., if hair motion becomes too dry.


Slower, cooler settings are kinder, so use heat sparingly, for as short time as possible. Always adjust the speed and temperature according to your hair type. A fast setting on fine hair, for instance, may dry it so quickly that there will be no time to add shape to the hair. For more volume, bounce, and lift, tip your head forwards, directing air to the roots, and ruffle your hair with your fingers. Begin at the nape then work up over the crown to the front. Do the sides fast. Remember to hold the dryer or iron at least six inches away and always keep moving, so heat isn’t concentrated on one section for too long. Too much heat forms bubbles in that shaft, stretching and weakening the hair.


If your hair is short and somewhat bouncy, place the palm of your hand on the scalp and move your palm in a circular motion, directing the air flow on to this area. Hair will become slightly tangled, making it stand up. Once the roots are dry, apply a small amount of styling mousse, gel or wax (depends on you preference) evenly to the tips and gently blow-dry using your fingers. 

This will surely give you a softer, more casual appearance than you get using a brush. For extra shine, try a technique called “finger pressing.” Here’s how to do it: Hold sections of hair between your first two fingers and starting from the very top of your head, slide them down the hair, following with the air flow. This will smooth down cuticle, giving you maximum shine. 

Vance Madrid

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