How to Brush Your Hair for Full Benefits?

hair brushing

Are there really benefits of brushing your hair daily? You better believe it. But the benefits of hair brushing will only come with the right tools. Most commercial hair brushes can actually be quite damaging to your hair. Brushing with synthetic bristles causes friction on hair, leading to cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair lusterless and frizzy.

Proper hair brushing and scalp massaging are two of the most important elements in the maintenance and rejuvenation of healthy, naturally beautiful hair. The only other elements that are more beneficial to hair brushing is a nourishing diet and avoiding toxic chemicals.

Did you know that brushing your hair is a form of dry shampooing! Proper brushing can eliminate waste materials, including deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids and impurities that build up and become encrusted on the scalp.

Hair brushing with a boar bristle brush stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation in the scalp and transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb. It also helps to balance the sebaceous glands by stimulating them and allowing them to breath while retaining natural oils. Sebaceous gland imbalance is often to blame for hair loss, as overproduction and underproduction of sebum cause weakening and undernourishment of the scalp.



Your good hair days start here.

Vented brush: Get rid of tangles with a vented brush. The design helps you blow-dry your hair faster while giving it a little volume and bounce.

Paddle brush: A paddle brush is ideal for straight hair and for achieving sleek hairstyles.

Rat Tail Comb: Create the perfect hair part with this comb. For styling, use a rat tail comb to divide our hair into sections.

Wide Tooth Comb: The wide tooth comb is used for detangling and for the maintenance of curly hair. Keep curly hair tangle free by combing out your strands in the shower.

Round brush: Give yourself a blow out with this brush. Smaller versions will give you curls while larger styles result in big waves. This also gives your hair a bouncier finish.

Natural Bristle brush: This is an all-around brush that is suited for most hair types and for multiple styling purposes. It’s also great from scalp stimulation, which helps keep hair healthy.

Mixed Bristle brush: The mixed bristle brush is perfect for those with thick hair. The variety of bristles helps distribute your hair’s natural oils more evenly.

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