Breakthrough product from Vitress

ilipino women fuss about their hair a lot. Aside from keeping it healthy, smooth and shiny, they also want their crowning glory fresh and fragrant at all times. They find it awful to go to the office or to a party with hair that smells of smoke from polluted air, cigarettes, food, or what have you.

The good news is they need not worry anymore as Splash Corporation introduces the Vitress Hair Freshener. A breakthrough product with Insta-Fresh technology, it takes away any unwanted odor that clings to hair and afterwards infuses it with fresh fragrance, while keeping hair smooth and shiny.

The hair freshening innovation expands Vitress’ customized hair care solutions, which include variants of hair cuticle coats and hair polishing products. While the traditional Vitress products give shine and manageability, the new product addresses an all new different hair concern.

“Vitress Hair Freshener provides an instant fix that boosts a woman’s confidence knowing that she can still enjoy fresh and great smelling hair after a grueling commute or eating at food parks. A must-have in every Filipina’s kikay or vanity kit, it is definitely an exciting addition to Vitress’ innovative line of hair care products,” said Joyce Jacobe, Splash Corporation Category Manager – Hair Care.

Watch the new “Jeepney” and “Food Park” TV commercials on the Vitress Facebook Page (@vitress) and be amazed how smoke odor and food smells can be instantly removed from hair.


Finally, women can now keep their hair shiny-fresh anytime, anywhere with the Vitress Hair Freshener – available in leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide at only Php55 SRP.


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