BPI-Philam Offers Affordable Insurance with Life Ready Plus

In life we never know what will happen until it suddenly confront us. Like illness or loss, both can severely hamper our lifestyle unless we have protection from it. Think about it, if we can buy protective case for our beloved phone or avail of warranty every time we buy appliances, or even get insurance for cars or our home, why not get a protection for ourselves? Furthermore, if you have dependent you need to protect and don’t have anything, what you definitely need is protection that comes with having an insurance.


BPI – Philam, a strategic alliance between two leading companies in the country, recently launched an insurance plan that is accessible for every Filipino. Introducing the Life Ready Plus – uni-linked life insurance plan that is available for as low as Php 2,000 monthly.


Statistically speaking, only ten percent or less of Filipinos keep a saving account or hide their savings at home. Many of them are keen on saving for short term needs only and the thought of long-term investment is far from their mind. Although they are aware of the need of securing their future and protecting their loved ones from illness or loss, the most common reason why they don’t secure their income is the restraint that comes with their budget. They can only afford or allocate ten to twenty percent of it for life insurance.


Bearing this in mind, this significant money is enough for an offer an affordable insurance plan like the Life Ready Plus that will protect their future. With the Life Ready Plus, Filipinos can use a part of their hard earned money to avail of a combined insurance and investment plan.

According to BPI-Philam CEO Surrendra Menon, “Life Ready Plus is a product developed for every Filipinos regardless of what stage in life they are in. It is a combination of life insurance and investment, so they can protect themselves and the important people in their lives. At an affordable amount, instead of using your hard-earned money to buy products to prevent phone screens from breaking or car paint from fading, Filipinos should realize the need to protect the most valuable asset they will ever have – their life.”


If you put away money every month for as low as Php 2,000, the Life Ready Plus can provide you financial protection from sickness, serious injury or even early death. It can also serve as a stress-free savings plan since BPI-Philam will handle the investment part to maximize and build your wealth. With its wide range of solutions, it protects not only the policy holder but also their dependent’s financial needs. It is a supplemental benefits like Accident and Health, Waiver of Premium, and Hospitalization and Critical Illness Coverage.

To take the first step to a more financially secure future with Life Ready Plus, head to the BPI near you or visit www.bpi-philam.com

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