Blue House of General Baldomero Aguinaldo

General Baldomero Aguinaldo y Baloy house is simple and modest in scale compared to the mansion of General Emilio Aguinaldo and is located in a gentle residential area in Barangay Binakayan, Kawit , Cavite province .

The original house was constructed in 1906 from a typical architectural style of the period of high ceiling , large windows , hardwood planks . The house is painted in light bluish- green color. While construction materials used were  from Philippine hardwoods like narra and molave with some bamboo for  kitchen flooring.  The kamalig  ( rice storage warehouse ) was converted into an assembly place / venue area by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines .

General Baldomero Aguinaldo portrait
General Baldomero Aguinaldo


When the Katipunan chapter in Kawit was transformed as the Magdalo Council, largely through Emilio’s campaign efforts, Baldomero was elected as its president. While General Aguinaldo concentrates on the military affairs and tactical operations , General Baldomero’s function was mainly administrative.

During the height of both 1898 Revolution and Filipino-American War,General  Baldomero Aguinaldo held important positions in the Revolutionary Government and supported his cousin’s government by leading several decisive battles against Spain and then by the United States of America.

General Baldomero Aguinaldo final resting place ( photo courtesy : Mr. Jam Ki )

After the capture of General Emilio Aguinaldo on March 23, 1901 in Palanan, Isabela and followed a few weeks later by the surrender of Vice-President Mariano Trias, Baldomero’s military career gradually faded in the limelight. By the end of the Filipino-American War, he retired to private life as a farmer until his death on February 4, 1915 at the age of 46.

His remains were interred within the property together with his children.

historical marker

The entrance is through wooden doors opening to a low zaguan with a central stairs leading up to the living quarters.On display beneath the stair are old household items including vintage flat irons, old cannon , book shelf, bust , farming tools among others .  There is an audio visual area where a short film about the life of the General is presented before the visitors can go up the second floor .

zaguan area

The house was the second national shrine within the town of Kawit ( first one was the mansion of General Emilio Aguinaldo ( 1963) .

The restoration and donation of the  house was headed by then Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Ceasar E. A Virata and grandchildren   donated the home to the government in 1982. It was restored by the Intramuros Administration into a museum. The project was under the administration of Action Officer Jaime C. Laya, with supervision provided by Dominador Torres

kitchen area

The kitchen area had an original refrigerator unit or cooler . The refrigerator use ice blocks imported from the United States to preserve the meat and other perishable items. When the Insular ice plant was built in Manila. They began supplying local houses ( with refrigerators and coolers ) with ice blocks from the plant. The ice blocks can last several weeks inside. The flooring were made from treated bamboo slats ( to prevent mold and insects ) , The bamboos were installed in order for kitchen waste and leftover rice to be fed to the chickens below. It is also easier to clean .

bedroom -photo courtesy of Mr. Jam Ki

The second floor consists of a sala, master’s bedroom, children’s bedroom, comedor and kitchen.

A visit to Cavite province is incomplete without a tour of this place.

For those interested with the Kasaysayan ng Kabite Heritage and Historical Tour : This is part of the itinerary:   Lakad Pamana (0923-346-75-75 ) , Mr. Allan Martinez ( 0905-3543913)


Museum Curator: Mr. Larry A. Manalo

Contact Number: 09178519819

Address: Bisita Street,  Barangay Binakayan, Kawit , Cavite province

Museum Operations -Tuesday to Sunday

Time : 8:00 am to 4:00pm

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