Black Knight

One of the most talked about Korean drama that is still currently showing in Korea is Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me. This is a fantasy drama.

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me is about a man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. It is a love story that spans over two hundred years. Moon Soo Ho is a businessman with a pure heart braves danger for his love, Jung Hae Ra who is a travel agent but never traveled abroad.


Black Knight: The Man Who Guards me stars Kim Rae-won as Moon Soo Ho in titular role alongside Shin Se-kyung as Jung Hae Ra, Seo Ji-hye, and Chang Mi-hee. It airs on KBS2 in Korea starting December 6, 2017 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST) for 20 episodes.

Moon Soo Ho and Jung Hae Ra initially met during the Joseon era but because of meddling people and jealousy, they both met a tragic death. Moon Soo Ho and Jung Hae Ra will meet again during the present time. This time, the question remains as to whether or not their love will finally receive the happy ending that they deserve to have or will Sharon/Choi Seo-rin finally get her happy ending at the expense of the love between Moon Soo Ho and Jung Hae Ra?


This is Seo Ji-hye as Sharon/Choi Seo-rin who plays the main antagonist in the series for she is the woman obsessed with Moon Soo Ho while Chang Mi-hee as Jang Baek-hee attempts to atone for her sins against Jung Hae Ra and does everything she can to make sure Jung Hae Ra ends up with Moon Soo Ho.

With only 2 more episodes left, Kdrama fans are left wondering which one will succeed? The good or the bad? Unlike Filipino dramas, Korean drama is known to be volatile in their endings so one never knows if it will be a happy ending or a sad one.


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