Why is Black Friday tailor-made for you?

With the global market, trends migrate from one country to another, and the shopping behaviours of local communities change. That can easily be said about Black Friday – a relatively new direction in the Philippines and a pre-Christmas staple in the United States. What is it and why should you also consider taking advantage of it?

Some Facts

The origins of the term are still unclear to this day. Some claim it came from the post-Thanksgiving profits being marked with black instead of red ink. Others are convinced that the traffic on Friday following “the Turkey holiday” was so heavy on the streets that they were all black from the car tyres. Whether the first version or the second one is correct, Black Friday is now officially the beginning of the pre-Christmas shopping season and takes place on the fourth Friday of November. In 2018, it’s going to be the 23rd of November.

Nowadays, in most countries, Black Friday spreads over the entire weekend and sometimes even days past it. With the number of online shops on the rise, such as Sephora or ASOS, consumers have a much broader choice in regards to the range of products they can purchase. In the countries where the holiday has been present for many years, the online footfall is on the rise.

E-shopping on Black Friday

Shopping both at brick and mortar and at online shops has got its benefits, but if you’re considering to participate in Black Friday event, you should seriously consider the latter option. It’s because the holiday is becoming more and more popular and in extreme cases, you might not be able to get the products you want at the most affordable prices. Even though the entire concept may seem abstract at first, a bargain deal can serve everybody.

Depending on the store, items discounted on Black Friday weekend can range from the cheapest accessories for your kitchen to fashionable clothes from top designers. An unquestionable advantage of online shopping at this time is that you don’t need to leave your house or office to find the product and add it to your cart quickly.

If you’re new to e-commerce or you have little experience with it, you might feel wary before looking for the best deals online. Fortunately, there are websites like Black Friday Global which collect the most comprehensive deals in one place and allow users to search for them at their convenience. With such a guide, even those who avoid online shopping on a daily basis will have no problem finding the most satisfying promotions. Even though the concept comes from the USA, Philippine stores are participating more and more as well.  Zalora and Lazada, the online giants in the Philippines we all know and love, have successfully advertised their Black Friday bargains both internationally and locally, offering sales up to 80% off selected products, such as electronics or clothes, flash deals, and more during that period.

Food for thought

Black Friday doesn’t have to mean that you spend all your money on things you don’t need. These days shoppers are becoming savvier than ever and prepare for the holiday weeks beforehand. They research their households and decide what it is that they need. They plan and shop for basics and classics so that they are prepared for the seasons to come. It’s also an excellent opportunity to shop for things which generally are out of their price range because, with up to 80% off, the price is too good to miss out on.

If you’re still a little distrustful of the ideas such as Black Friday and online shopping, take your time. See if there is anything for you out there and if you can save money on your shopping. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or you’re a family of 5, a student or a stay-at-home parent. What makes sense is doing your research and making the concept work for you, not the other way around.

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