5 Advantages of Big Family

A noisy home.   A messy place.  A stare from strangers when we go outside together — think of the reality show ’19 Kids and Counting’.  These are just some of the everyday dealings of a big family.  Though most prefer not to be a part of it, others are beaming with delight for having such huge family set up.  Having a big family has a lot of benefits as well despite its disadvantages.  Psst.Ph shares five advantages of a big family – most of these we do not even realize.

5 Advantages of Big Family

5 Advantages of Big Family

Kids learn to socialize at an early age

A child’s social development contributes to his overall development. Given this, most parents would prefer that their kids socialize with other toddlers even at an early age. Finding the right place for our youngsters to get along with other children can be challenging for other parents, but not for a big family. A child coming from a huge family learns to get along with other people a lot sooner compared to little tots from a small family.

Each member learns responsibility

Parents with more kids know how to divide the household chores to their children. Doing so makes the job done faster. While the mom is busy in the kitchen, someone else may babysit the youngest child.  The firstborn may start cleaning the house as the other one is in charge of the garage.  At an early age, the children are taught about responsibility.  As they grow up, each member of the family becomes sensitive to the needs of others.  They will not think alone, but will always consider others. They know that if they do not do their duty, someone else will suffer.

Everyone enjoys stronger support system

It is wonderful to think that no matter what happens, there are people behind us who will give support all the way.   If the younger sibling needs help with his assignment, for instance, he may always ask help from his brother or sister.  Also, some siblings are willing to get into a fight just to protect their younger sib.

Each member gains friends for life

We may had a dozen or more fights with our siblings when we were younger.  As we mature, though, we learn to be more forgiving.  This makes our relationship with them stronger.  We will never feel unloved because we know our family cares for and values us.   More siblings mean having another person to grow old with aside from our spouse.

Children give more value to sharing

A member of a large family knows the importance of sharing and giving. Being selfless is taught at home even before one learns how to walk. Someone who comes from a large family will always think about others more than himself. Giving is so basic that most kids will not even take notice they are doing it already.

Advantages of big family

Having a big family means enjoying a large support group.  There will always be someone readily available to pat our back when we do a good job.  The same way that there will be one or two to correct us when we go astray. A large family has many benefits that we often fail to notice.  But once we give it a careful thought, we may find ourselves saying a prayer of thanks for being a part of it.

Berlin Domingo

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