BIC® #BICBrightFutures Campaign

We have heard of children who had to swim just to go to school every day or children  living in hard-to-reach places but they still manage to go to school in pursuit of their dream for a bright future.

BIC Product (Asia) Pte Ltd., in cooperation with its distributor partner in Philippines, the Filstar Distributors Corporation, launched their biggest social campaign in Asia with the theme #BICBrightFutures. This campaign culminated in a one-day event at KidZania Manila last October 26 where an estimated 200 children from Children’s Hour and Kariton Klasrum had a fun day of learning and playing.


BIC® is a family-owned company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and a world leader in stationery, lighters and shavers. They have been the Champions of Education throughout the years. With the #BICBrightFutures campaign, they hold the biggest donation in Asia where they gave away half a million of Stationery products to the Children’s Hour, Yellow Boat of Hope and Kariton Klasrum; their way of helping kids pursue their dreams.


In the one day event, the children could not contain their happiness as they were encouraged to have fun while exploring the adult world by immersing themselves in over 100 role-play activities in the play city of Kidzania. Part of their activities include using BIC® pens where they were asked to plot out their goals and dreams in a special BIC® Bright Futures workbook.

In the press conference, Efren Peñaflorida, founder of Kariton Klasrum, explained the importance of the activity for the children and said that “a bright future is possible for them as long as they plan for it and persevere to achieve it.”


This was seconded by Frederic Dumon, BIC Asia Deputy General Manager who said that children are in great need of encouragement from the adults in their lives in order to push themselves to work hard for a better future.


BIC® feels strongly about giving back to communities where the Group is present in the form of product or financial donations and volunteering.  As part of its strong societal commitment they launched the BIC® Corporate Foundation for Education which focuses on fighting for universal access of education as a basic human right.  BIC® is engaged in the fight against school drop-outs, access to education for girls and women and environmental education.

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