Bernie’s Kitchenette : Serving Traditional Dishes

Bernie’s Kitchenette is synonymous to good taste, home- style family cuisines . This kitchenette got a lot of positive reviews from travel and food sites.

Bernie’s kitchenette opened last February 7,2015. It is owned and operated by Ms. Bernardita Rojas Fontanilla or Bernie for short. She opened the restaurant to promote Caviteño cuisine and to give her customers a clean and beautiful restaurant filled with delicious homegrown foods. Basically,it is a family restaurant.

Bernie’s Kitchenette

This quaint restaurant has a sitting capacity of between 75 to 80 persons at any given time . A special private enclosed area where between 30 to 38 people can be accommodated and could be booked for special occasions.


Since Cavite city is just within a few kilometers away from Manila Bay, there is an abundance of seafood dishes . The culinary heritage of the city including surrounding areas reflects Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese , Chinese, Indonesian influences making the dish cosmopolitan yet distinctly Filipino in character.


Bacalao is a Spanish name of codfish found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic . It is used fresh, frozen, or dried salted.  When the Spaniards via Mexico colonized the country , Cavite province and surrounding areas became very important route for maritime , soldiers, sailors, ship builders during the Manila -Acapulco trade. This trade lasted for over 250 years making Cavite an important hub.  Eventually local people substituted the fish to the very expensive imported bacalao is daing na labahita, also known as bakalaw or binakalaw. This makes the prices less expensive .

The dish is colored with achuete (annatto seeds), diced potatoes, green bell pepper , garbanzos,celery , onions, cabbage with  tomato based sauce  because the “masarsa” (saucy), red-tinted food appeals to Caviteños.

lawlaw or lao-lao

Deep Fried Lao-Lao or Law-law  deepbody sardinella (Sardinella brachysoma) This is a type of sea fish which is found in the waters off Cavite . The fish is dried and deep fried . This is best accompanied with sukang Cavite ( vinegar from Cavite ).

pancit negra

Pancit Negra is a unique innovation from the ordinary pancit introduced by the Chinese , This pancit uses the black squid ink as sauce .  Squid is the primary ingredient which is commonly caught in the waters of the coast. This pancit had sliced squid, diced green mangoes into small bits , with coriander , chopped spring onions and baked chicharon as toppings.

Bacalao is only usually served on Fridays, Pancit Negra is served on Sundays or if there are advance orders.


Onde-Onde / Ondeh -Ondeh / Onday-Onday – This is a dessert which is influenced by the Indonesians/ Malay centuries before the arrival of the Spaniards.  This is roundish glutinous rice flour with yema-like filling inside and then rolled in with some fresh grated coconut.  This dessert is also popular in some parts of the country with some minor twist. This was added to the main menus serve by the restaurant . Mr. Jhon Gorme thought that it is an added treat to the participants . He wanted to show that Cavite is not just Hispanic cuisine but also have Southeast Asian flavors.

His mother is the one making the Onde-Onde and people who wanted to buy this dessert must pre-order days in advance. For Cavite residents- There is a minimum order of 100 pieces and for Metro Manila residents- minimum order is 200 pieces ( meet -up in Escolta) . Since this is coconut based dessert , This can only last for 1 day without refrigeration

Contact : Mr. Jhon Gorme 0926 658 8602,

LAKBAY LAKARAN , LAKAD PAMANA., WalkwithChan, Disenio Gorme conducts tour around Cavite dubbed Kasaysayan ng Kabite Heritage and Historical Tour  – For contact : Lakad Pamana (0923-346-7575 ) Allan Martinez (0905-354-3913)

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Bernie’s Kitchenette

Address: 843 Midtown Building , Molina Street , Caridad , Cavite City

Facebook Page Bernie’s Kitchenette

 Operating hours are as follows: 10 am to 8 pm every Tuesdays through Sundays.

Telephone (046) 431-2088


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