Benefits of going braless

Have you ever wonder why some ladies do not wear a brassiere?  PSST.Ph gives you reasons why it is advisable to whip off your bra.

Benefits of going braless

Benefits of being braless
Benefits of going braless

Decrease risk of breast cancer

Studies have it that women who wear an underwired bra for more than 12 hours in a day pose a greater risk of developing breast cancer. Research stresses that a bra creates pressure on the breast which hinders the lymphatic movement to the chest area. This leads to a build-up of fluid in the breast tissue. This build up increases the levels of toxins in the breast which can cause cancer.

Ease back pain

Triumph, a famous lingerie and ladies underwear shop, once conducted a survey.  They found out that three-quarters of females who wear the wrong bra size have various postural problems.  It was for that reason that Triumph aims to deliver the correct bra size to help ladies decrease chest and shoulder pain.  A very tight bra creates pressure on the nerves and blood vessels around the shoulder and rib cage, leading to pain and discomfort.

Makes breasts firmer

Most ladies must have thought being braless makes breasts sag more.  However, there were studies conducted that say otherwise. Wearing a bra increases sagging because the muscles supporting the breasts are restricted to fully function well.  Moreover, the same research made an experiment and those who ditched bras got firmer breasts.  Theirs actually lifted and have grown even.

Free those nipples

Benefits of being braless
Benefits of going braless
Most Filipino women wear a bra.  Perhaps they wear it even without asking for the reason.  It is because our culture dictates so. Female wear a brassiere for cultural reasons.

For others though who started the practice of not wearing any, the self-consciousness is far outweighed by the comfort it brings. Many say that nipples are the cheapest accessory ladies can flaunt.  They give women instant sex appeal just like Friends’ Rachel Green as portrayed by Jennifer Anniston.

Anniston’s portrayal of Rachel made her a household name and America’s sweetheart. Aside from her hair style, another notable thing Jennifer made popular during the 10-year run of Friends were her perky nipples.

To go braless or not

Perhaps it is already ingrained in our system and culture that ladies wear a bra.  But studies and research presented do not lie either.

The best Filipino women may do is to avoid wearing tight bras.  They may also opt for no push-up, underwire or strapless bras. It is also advisable to use a larger size during menstruation as increased estrogen causes tissues to retain fluids making the breasts larger on those periods.  Sleeping braless may also be more liberating.

We aim not to question our culture.  We are merely presenting clinical studies and the results from those experiments.  To go braless or not is still an option most women need to decide on their own.

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