Ben 10 special on Cartoon Network

Ben 10 fans, get ready for an exciting and action-packed adventure as Cartoon Network is airing a four-part special this month. Watch Ben and the gang as they face an all-new threat in Omni-tricked on Sunday, November 25, at 10am. Here are five reasons why you need to see it:


  1. A new alien transformation?

Yes, you may know all of Ben’s 10 alien forms in his Omnitrix by heart, but have you ever wondered if the nifty device can have more than that number of transformations? If you’re dying to find out, then you can’t miss Omni-tricked.

  1. A new, powerful villain will be introduced

If you think villains like Dr. Animo, Hex and Steam Smythe were powerful enough, then wait until you watch Omnitricked and guess again! Catch the special and get to meet Ben’s next formidable opponent.

  1. There are four new characters to look out for

Aside from the debut of a new baddie, the show will also introduce four additional characters. Are they Ben’s allies or are they lackeys who fight alongside the new villain?

  1. See Ben fight like never before

Don’t be so sure that you’ve seen every trick that Ben has up his sleeve! In Omni-tricked, we’ll be seeing Ben perform in a way we’ve never seen before, featuring the most action-packed fight scenes in the history of Ben 10.

  1. Get to win amazing Ben 10 toys!

While waiting for Omni-tricked on Sunday, November 25, join the Ben 10 Watch & Win contest. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to take home an awesome Ben 10 toy set, featuring figures of Ben and all 10 aliens, a Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix, as well as the Rustbucket Transforming Alien Playset to go with the action figures.

01 - Ben 10

To join, simply tune in to Ben 10 on Cartoon Network and look out for a hidden code on screen. As soon as you see it, log on to, input the code and tell us which among Ben’s aliens is your favorite and why in 25 words or less. Hurry, because the contest closes on November 26! Watch this video here to learn more about the contest.

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