Becoming a Master of Your Own Passion

There’s one thing we all have in common. When you and I were born, we were all horrible at everything. We had no idea how to talk, walk, crawl, eat, and drink. We don’t even know how to properly eat or poop. The doctors said we have to make sure we learn how to poop.

So what happened? How do we learn all these stuff? How do we learn Math, Science, and Language? How do we learn how to make a phone call or use the internet…how do we learn?

Most people eventually become good at a lot of things. We become good at talking, walking, running, speaking, and more. We become good at playing an instrument, singing, dancing, designing, or playing a sport. Some become great at it but only few become masters of it—masters of their industry, masters of their trait, and masters of their craft.

But what is difference between being good at what you do and becoming a master? This part is what differentiates the identity that masters show everyone in all aspects of greatness. For them, being a master is…it matters to them…a little bit more.

To those people who become a master, they just don’t want to become masters. They don’t just do it because they know they will be appreciated for their work. They don’t do it because people need it. For them, it’s a must. It’s a have to. It’s like how they need an oxygen to survive. They need it so they have to master it.

Becoming a master of your own Passion
FC Barcelona’s Neymar Jr.

In becoming a master, there would be a lot of criticisms. It’s not an easy road to take. It needs so much courage and passion for your craft. You need a strong shield to block all the negatives that may try to stop you. Being a master is embraced with positive thoughts and energy.

Part of becoming a master is accepting what others have to say about you. Some will call you crazy. Some will call you maniac. Some will call you nuts… but everybody will respect you. History books respect masters. History books have respected a lot of people who have mastered their craft. We have respect on those who made huge changes in history. We have respect on those who risked their lives to bring back peace and freedom. We have respect on those who made extraordinary inventions and stuff we all use these days.

Truly, masters deserve great respect. They deserve to be written on books and be known to generations. They deserve negative criticisms and misconceptions from others. They deserve to be called crazy because they have used most of their time being alone mastering their craft. They deserve to be called their names because they have done crazy things ordinary people have never done. And they deserve respect for doing all these things.

Each of us has this one thing that we are passionate at doing. We all have our own stuff we’ve been crazy about because we love doing it. But the question is—Are we on our feet on pursuing our passion and become master of it?

@jordanyeohfitness |Instagram
@jordanyeohfitness | Instagram

One of the reasons why people give up on their passion is because of fear. They are afraid of what others will think of them. They are afraid because they aren’t sure if they could do it. They are afraid to become a failure. But that is not what being a master is all about. It’s about having the courage and  determination even when you’re the last one standing. It’s about rising every time you fail and continuing to be great. It’s about achieving something because you know you deserve to be respected at the end.

Brace yourself and cast away your fear. Now is the time for you to pursue what you want to do. Now is never too late. It may take you long to see changes but when you are committed to do it with consistency, you will eventually become master of it.

Featured photo courtesy of @DURELLWAMBOLT | Instagaram
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