Beat stress at its own Game

Who loves stress?  Most would probably say they hate stress that any worry isn’t welcome in their life.  But did you know that Science says one can benefit from being exposed to stress?  Regular exposure to small quantity of anxiety helps you become stronger.  It also leads you to build your tolerance, enabling you to cope with a larger amount of pressure. shares a few ways on how to use stress to help you become the best version of yourself. You may be surprised that you need no special activity to beat stress.  Check the list below:

Be creative

Beat stress at its own Game
Beat stress at its own Game

Engaging yourself in something creative helps you reduce stress and improve your overall happiness.  If painting, gardening or baking makes you happy, then go grab some paintbrush, plant a few herbs or whip some cookies or brownies.  Getting lost in a creative hobby is one sure way to regain any lost spark. Such activity also helps the brain to refocus the stress on a happy thought.

Eat good food

There are a few who would turn to eating when stressed.  Though there is nothing wrong with it, it is wiser to opt for superfoods to calm an overwhelmed spirit.  There are a number of food that has a psychological effect on the brain that when eaten helps the body release happy hormones.  A sample of food that helps beat stress and releases happy hormones is asparagus.  You may also eat almonds, spinach, blueberries, avocado, and salmon.  These are known to boost mood and help calm the nerves.

Go outdoors

Banish stress by getting outside, communing perhaps with nature or simply strolling in the park.   A moderate-paced walking is said to reduce anxiety aside from its many health benefits.  Likewise, making walking a part of your daily routine promotes a feeling of calmness, thus reduces tension and stress.


Beat stress at its own Game
Beat stress at its own Game

Laughing is a completely sane thing to do when all else fails.  After all, Science says laughter is the best medicine.  A small dose of it can create a huge impact on the mood.  A good laugh leads the brain to release endorphins which help relieve pain and even prompt feelings of pleasure.

Meet friends

A few hours of quality time with friends is proven an effective way to beat stress.  Science says a person who spends time with friends and family handles stress better than the one who prefers to be alone.  Likewise,  meeting up with friends prompts the release of oxytocin.  Also known as the love or cuddle hormone, oxytocin is released when individuals bond socially.

Read a book

Getting lost in a romantic tale of forever or any suspense thriller novel is another proven way to put anxiety at bay.  It is said to be an even quicker approach than listening to a song or enjoying a comforting cup of tea.

Sleep or nap

Sleeping lowers the stress level to a great extent.  Science attests that a good rest increases clarity of the mind, lowers stress, and boosts creativity.

Beat stress at its own game

The best way to beat stress is to never run away from it.  Accept stress as a part of life and learn from the lessons it imparts.  Never panic but divert the emotion, energy, and time to make stress work to your advantage. Eat, take a nap or be creative.  You might be surprised how easy it is to beat stress at its own game.  You only have to do what makes you happy and never allow stress to eat you.

Beat stress at its own Game
Beat stress at its own Game

Remember, you are what you think you are.  If you tell yourself you’re stressed out, then most probably, you are.  But if you opt to pull yourself out of the stressful situation, then you can.  Because again, you are what you think you are.

Berlin Domingo

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