Beach packing list for kids

Summer, to most families, is all about heading to the beach.  Kids, most especially, love running on the sand, playing in the waves, and building sandcastles.  And to ensure a stress-free trip, gives you a list of the toddler essentials to bring.

Beach packing list for kids
Beach packing list for kids

Protection gear

Bring two pairs of clothing for each day of stay.  Make sure everything is lightweight and as much as possible, opt for pajamas.

If your toddler is still in diapers, pack enough pull-ups diapers.  If he is already potty trained, bring two to three underwear on each day of vacation.

Should you allow your toddler to enjoy the water, bring swim diapers or cloth diapers.  Bring wet bag as well to put all used cloth diapers.  Add extra laundry bag for dirty clothes and sealed plastic bag for wet ones.

Do not also forget to bring burp pads which are longer and thicker than bibs.  You could use the burp pads as face towel or catch back sweat.


It’s the chance of your little one to play outdoors and even enjoy the sand.  Bring shovels and buckets he may use as he builds sand castles.  It wouldn’t hurt, too, if you bring a ball and introduce to him ball games.  Moments at the beach should be enjoyed thus maximize your stay.

Don’t forget his favorite stuffed animal he kisses before hitting the sack.  There are some toddlers who can’t sleep without their favorite toy by their side.

If you read before you sleep, bring that favorite storybook.  You may consider bringing a portable DVD player or an iPad if your little one enjoys watching movies.

Protection and first aid

To keep your little one’s sensitive skin protected from the sun’s rays, bring beach umbrella or hat. You may also bring a beach towel or blanket to lie on.

Beach packing list for kids
Beach packing list for kids

Bring a sunscreen too which is appropriate for your little one.  Make sure to test it at home for any allergic reactions.  Same with your first aid kit.  It would help the most if you also know how to apply first aid in times of emergency.  Do not leave the house without insect balm, diaper rash balm, and insect repellent lotion or spray.

Do not forget to bring baby powder, too.  It removes wet sand from anyone’s hands, feet, and even hair.  Your toddler would surely feel uncomfortable with sand on his body.


The scenery is too beautiful not to get noticed.  Opt for a long walk along the shore with your family.  Make sure to bring with you a stroller for your toddler.

A handy cooler is helpful, too, to keep refreshments fresh and cold.  Don’t forget to pack your little one’s favorite snacks.  Bring his sippy cup, dinnerware and utensils to make mealtime smooth.

If your kiddo is not used to sleeping in a different room,  you may bring a nightlight with you to help make the room cozier.

Beach packing list for kids

Beach packing list for kids
Beach packing list for kids

Enjoy the sandy beach in the middle of summer.  Or love how the sun warm your face as you soak in its rays.  These are just a few of the things you can enjoy doing once at the beach.  And to enjoy your stay, don’t forget to pack those essentials have enumerated.

Enjoy and happy summer.

Berlin Domingo

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