Battling the Bulge: Surefire Tips on Hiding Your Flaws


Let these fashion tidbits show you the light, allow you to clean up your act, and move forward as we all welcome the coming year, 2018.

Nobody is perfect, and there is always a way to conceal what we want to hide. Here, gives you a few tips on how to do it properly.

Go with the flow

mini skirt

Skirts that hug your waist and flows down over your tummy are good investments. Maxi, midi, and miniskirts in A-line or circle silhouettes will create a slimming effect.

Welcome Wraps

wrap around

Loose wrap dresses fit and flatter in all the right places when draped and tied properly. Choose the ones that come in dark fall colors or small prints.

Wear Stripes


Plain and simple vertical lines elongate and can give you a slimmer silhouette. In the same thought, any piece of clothing that gathers up in the tummy area is highly unflattering.

This is Not In


Avoid thin and clingy fabrics at all times because they accentuate your tummies. Go for dresses and bottoms with fabrics that have more structure and are expertly tailored.

Distract Positively


Wear tops with interesting necklines to distract the eye from your problem area. Leg details also keep the spotlight on your stems and not on your tummy.

Try the Flare


Peplum tops or skirts can also conceal your puson (lower abdomen) especially when it starts to flare at the right point, which is right on top of the bulge. Pair it with high heels for height!

Hold it Up


Skinny high-waist jeans do the trick as they hold your tummy, bottoms, and thighs. Pair them with flowy tops in soft or satin fabrics that do not cling to your body. The goal is to look effortless and chic.

Fit is King

The moment you try on a garment and it highlights your problem are, don’t even bother buying or wearing it – even if it’s on sale! The chances of you wearing it are low, no matter how much weight you lose.

Say No to Tucking

tucked in

As much as possible, do not tuck your tops under your pants – tucking draws attention to your non-existent waist.

There you have it folks. You can now strut your stuff without fear of being ridiculed because you now know how to hide your flaws. Go girl!


Vance Madrid

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