Battle Chef Brigade Review

What happens when you combine the exhilarating cooking of Iron Chef with the quick pace of a puzzle game? Most likely, you will get Battle Chef Brigade. Created by Trinket Studios, the game combines puzzle-based cooking and combination-based hunting in a hand drawn fantasy land. With Battle Chef’s ingredients showing promise, will the game be a recipe for success, or culinary disaster? Let’s find out.


The story begins when monsters are used to attack and spread fear in the land of Victusia. The King and his battle-hardened chef decide to hunt and cook these monsters, creating a renaissance of culinary exploration. To commemorate the brave chef, the remarkable people that battle and cook these monsters are honored as “Brigadiers”. The only way that a person can become a Brigadier is to join the Battle Chef Brigade and emerge victorious against the other contestants. Vive La Brigade!


At first glance the game may look simple. However, the puzzle-and-combat nature of the game makes it surprisingly fun and complex! Each match can be unpredictable as players have to take account on how many monsters they can hunt; as opposed to how much time they have in preparing the dish. Earning points in each battle focuses on the theme ingredient along with each judges’ preferences on the type of element they want in their food.


The story may be a bit simple, but the complex cast of characters really brings the game together. The sound design might be limited, but the gorgeous music brings out the mood of Battle Chef Brigade. Are you getting sick of the puzzles? Don’t worry, Battle Chef Brigade provides some side quests that help the player understand the mechanics better.

The game’s gear system gives players the right edge in each match. Sadly, these items are not implemented properly as there are times that bringing the wrong gear can put the player at a disadvantage.

Overall, Battle Chef Brigade creates a wonderful dish that can be a great starter game for many.

Overall Score: 4/5

Juan Paulo Pereña

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