Babyzen YOYO for #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle

Have you heard of YOYO? Not that classic circular toy wherein you make looping tricks.  It’s the innovative all-in-one stroller that promises to simplify our lives especially those parents who are always on the go.  For one, such parents know that a well-designed, versatile, and sturdy stroller is essential to their family’s needs.  A good stroller allows family members to go through their day and enjoy activities with their little one, without compromising anyone’s comfort, mobility, and safety.

Babyzen YOYO for your #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle
Babyzen YOYO for #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle

This stroller is called as such because just like the toy, YOYO is perfect for one hand steering.  To open and use, just undo the clip then throw the pushchair out in front of you by holding the handlebars – pretty much the same way on how you play the yoyo.

Allow to detail how this all-in-one stroller can simplify your life and wish you have known this before you made that stroller purchase.   Made with the needs of parents and babies on the go, only YOYO offers customizability, mobility, and practicality.


Created by French company Babyzen, YOYO offers attachments that allow modifications fit for babies and toddlers.  Aside from its international warranty, each frame purchased can be modified into three:  a 0+ version suitable for birth, a car seat, and a 6+ stroller for babies older than six months.


This version allows the baby to lie flat, facing his parent as the stroller is pushed.  It has a 4-wheel suspension, patented soft drive system, reinforced frame, and cozy nest pad and soft foot cover.  With these features, the baby will travel in total comfort and security, giving parents much peace of mind as they move around with their little one.

Car seat

Babyzen YOYO for your #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle
Babyzen YOYO for #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle

When traveling, parents may add a car seat to the stroller system.  This allows uninterrupted sleep during transit moving from car to stroller.  It easily clips over the 0+ fabrics with a single click, using the included YOYO+ adapters.  For optional safety, the car seat features the Side Impact Protection (SIP) system and padded head cushions, while also complying with the latest European safety standards.  Soft-touch fabrics, magnetic straps, an adjustable seat pad and headrest and UV protection add extra touches of comfort to the baby while making everything easier for the parent.


As the baby matures, the stroller can be reconfigured into the YOYO 6+ version using the same frame.  By simply changing the fabric, the YOYO transform into a stroller that accommodates a growing baby’s needs.  He can now travel facing the road, allowing him to marvel at the things around him.


The YOYO stroller has made city dwelling and overseas travel hassle-free for the modern family.  Packing light comes easy with a travel bag accessory that can be worn backpack or sling bag style.

Each stroller is easy to handle, convenient, and light, truly making life easier for both the parents and their little one.


The YOYO is perfect for one hand steering, can be carried like a bag, and able to fit just about anywhere.  It is easily stored whether in the closet, car, or even the overhead stowage bins of planes.  In fact, YOYO was the very first stroller accepted as cabin luggage and was immediately accepted on Air France planes.  Since then, parents all over the world have chosen YOYO as their partner in traveling with their babies.


Babyzen YOYO for your #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle
Babyzen YOYO for #AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle

Recently, Babyzen Philippines launched a new and exclusive color pack featuring Air France’s airline colors.  YOYO by Air France comes in a unique and elegant print, making it a fashion accessory for parents who are fashionable as they travel with their baby.   Babyzen and Air France collaborated to give parents and their little one an even more chic and stylish stroller.

#AlwaysOnTheGo lifestyle

Excited to check YOYO?  The Yoyo by Air France is now available at select Baby Company, The SM Store, Pottery Barn Kids, Mothercare, The Mommy Mundo Shop, The Parenting Emporium, The Nest APH, and online at Milkandhoney.oh and

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