Baby Dove celebrates #RealMoms

Perfect moms don’t exist. Real moms do.

Baby Dove celebrates real moms
Baby Dove celebrates real moms (photo grabbed from Baby Dove Facebook page).

This is the campaign Baby Dove is pushing now.  That each mom should trust her own ways, never minding the expectations thrown their way.  After all, perfection exists only as an ideal, an abstraction of the mind.

It is Baby Dove’s mission to provide real care that enables women to become confident new mothers, with less anxiety and insecurity, as it cares for one of the most sensitive parts of a newborn – their skin.

Kristine Rey-Domingo, Baby Dove Brand Manager and a mom of two shares that “Dove believes that there are no perfect moms, just real ones.    And with Baby Dove on their side, giving real care for their baby’s skin, they can feel assured, allowing them to enjoy motherhood more.”

For over 60 years, Dove has been behind women, empowering them.  That in this world, there are no perfect women, just real ones.  The brand advocates that ladies recognize their beauty as a source of confidence, not of anxiety.

Now, Dove narrows this same advocacy to moms, helping them realize the same confidence of a real mom.  That as real moms, not perfect ones, nobody knows their child better than them.

Research shows that a baby’s skin can lose moisture up to five times faster than that of an adult’s. This makes them more prone to allergies and rashes.  Even gentle soaps on the market can leave their skin dry.  But with the all new Baby Dove, more than being mild on skin, it also helps provide moisture.  Baby Dove is as gentle as water, without dyes and parabens.  With these components,  Baby Dove leaves the baby’s skin soft and smooth after every bath.

Baby Dove celebrates real moms
Baby Dove celebrates real moms

Baby Dove provides moms with the confidence to trust in their own way.  This is because nobody knows their baby the way they do.

Baby Dove encourages moms to share their real mom experiences, too, with the hashtags #BabyDovePH #RealMoms.   How about you, what is your real mom story?

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