A startup that seeks good drivers and rewards them

“There are still good drivers left in Manila.” And there’s a startup that seeks to reward the best ones.

That startup is AutoConscience. Dedicated to promoting right practices on the metro’s roads, it enables reporting of good drivers realtime. “Wouldn’t you feel better if you can say thank you to the person who let you merge into his lane?” said Antonio Conejos, the chief executive of AutoConscience.

The steps sound simple enough for the average Metro Manila driver to try. Download the app or visit the site, register as a user (optional), and start sending feedback whenever you encounter a fellow driver with commendable behavior. Make sure to commit the license plate to memory so you can say gracias to the correct individual.

AutoConscience - A startup seeks good drivers and rewards them

Free gasoline, anyone?

Conejos added that AutoConscience is designed like a game wherein the user is rewarded for driving properly as well as reporting other good (and bad) drivers.

AutoConscience - A startup seeks good drivers and rewards them

Every month, the startup will select the driver with the highest rating and rewards him or her with free gasoline. The person who reported the best driver of the month will also receive the same reward.

Registering on the app or site, which is free, lets you accumulate badges and points, achieve levels, and become eligible for perks like free gasoline.

Conscience and communication on the road

Did you just come across a vehicle that blocked the intersection or counter-flowed? You can report that, too!

The makers of AutoConscience developed their feedback system to encourage better behavior on the road. They want drivers to have a tool with which to communicate in a civil manner. In some cases, users can resort to reporting rule breakers to avoid chaotic confrontations.

AutoConscience - A startup seeks good drivers and rewards them


Contribute to easing the traffic

Reports in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States, have shown that failure to turn signals result to more collisions than distracted driving. In turn, such accidents cause heavy traffic or induce road rage.

AutoConscience sees the cumulative effect of positive feedback and acknowledgment of good driving behavior on Metro Manila’s traffic burden. The startup also paves the way for ordinary citizens to contribute in easing this problem.

“Not everyone can build roads or enforce traffic or has access to alternate modes of transportation,” quipped Conejos. “But with AutoConscience, everyone can say thank you to the good driver who used their turn signal or properly stopped at an intersection. Acknowledging and praising good driving will lead to a safer and faster road experience for all.”

To download the app on Google Play, go here.

Want to know more about AutoConscience? Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions below:

AutoConscience - A startup seeks good drivers and rewards them

How do I use AutoConscience?

You can go to our site (www.conscience.ac) or download our Android app (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbb.autoconscience). From either the site or app you just type in the license number of the car you want to report and select from a menu of options. All reports are confidential and anonymous. The driver of the car you report will receive your report (if he’s a registered user) but will not see who reported it. We hope that good drivers get thanked for their decent behavior on the road and that this will lead to even more good behavior – easing traffic for everyone.

What are the benefits to registering?

You do not need to register to use AutoConscience. If you do register you gain access to all of the reports sent about your car. (Perhaps you did not block a traffic intersection and someone said thank you for that or you let another car merge and then said thanks.) Registering also makes you eligible for rewards such as free gasoline and allows you to gain levels as a user, accumulating badges and points along the way.

How do I find out what other people are reporting about my driving?

You gain access to that information by registering. Registration is free!

What kind of buzz is AutoConscience generating?

Currently our site is visited by more than two thousand people a day and we have a small but growing number of registered, active users.

It’s still early days for the app and the team but already we have garnered some positive press. We were one of the finalists in the 2017 Startup Summit Philippines (http://startupopen.org/startups-2017/) and were invited to pitch our idea to Korean investors at Spring Valley, a startup incubator in the Philippines (https://www.facebook.com/springvalleytech/).

How can we get in touch with you guys?

Web: conscience.ac
FB: facebook.com/AutoConscience-1909977102660137/
Twitter: twitter.com/AutoConscience
Google Playstore: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbb.autoconscience

This post was created in partnership with AutoConscience.