Aung La N Sang: The Burmese Python puts the Squeeze

Aung La N Sang, aka “The Burmese Python” is a force to reckon with in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) circle. He earned his nickname not only because of the snake that is native to his country of birth, but also has its capability in subduing his opponents into submission. As of today, his record stands at 22 wins and 10 losses, 12 of those wins by way of submission and 8 of them by Technical Knockout. He is currently associated with Crazy 88 MMA based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Aung La N Sang: A force to reckon with in MMA. Source: ONE Championship


Born in Myitkyina, Myanmar, Aung La N Sang moved to the United States in 2003 to study agriculture. It was here that he first discovered MMA and two years later, made his professional debut which he lost. Despite the loss, he did not give up and in March 2006, he scored his first victory via first round Knockout at the Champions Factory.

He moved back to his native Myanmar after signing up for the ONE Championship though he still considers the US as his home base. Nevertheless, he has become a hero of sorts to the Burmese people, becoming their source of pride.

This pride further increased when he won his first title by beating Vitaly Bagdash of Russia to clinch the ONE Middleweight World Championship on June 30, 2017. But it does not stop there. On February 23, 2018, he added another title to his name when he defeated Alexandre Macahdo to bag the ONE Light Heavyweight World Championship. His victories has put Myanmar on the map by giving this country a sporting champion and hero.

Source of Inspiration

When Aung La N Sang is not fighting, he travels around Myanmar and other countries as a ONE Global Citizen ambassador, helping and inspiring young people pursue their dreams. Source: ONE Championship

Today, he uses his fame and celebrity to help advance his fellow Burmese. He someday plans to open an MMA school in the country. He hopes to produce a new generation of MMA fighters in his image to give more pride to his country of birth.

When he is not training or competing, he travels Myanmar and other countries as a ONE Global Citizen ambassador. He hopes to inspire the youths in particular to pursue their dreams and not give up and to complete their education.


  • ONE Middleweight World Championship
  • ONE Light Heavyweight World Championship

Featured Image Source: ONE Championship

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