Attention LRT-1 riders: Don’t take this love for granted

Light Rail Transit (LRT)-1 passengers will be taught a valuable lesson this love month: Don’t take love for Mother Nature for granted.

In celebration of Valentine’s season this February, LRT-1 operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) is bringing back the “Love Train” but with a decidedly pro-environment twist. LRT riders should keep their eyes open for one particular Generation 3 train that has been decorated to promote environmental awareness.

This particular four-coach (light rail vehicle or LRV) Love Train features familiar scenes on air, forest, ocean, and watershed.

LRMC said this will not only provide a quick change in scenery for the commuters, but will also remind the passengers about a type of love that they might have been taking for granted and prompt them to care for Mother Nature.

At the very least, the sceneries in the coaches will give the riders a welcome visual break from the bricks and buildings of the metropolis.

The Love Train is part of LRMC’s efforts to promote a “feel-good” experience for its passengers through special themed trains. Such trains usually ply LRT-1 tracks during Valentine’s, Christmas and other holidays.

Since Filipinos love social media interaction, LRMC is also inviting its riders to share their special Valentine’s greetings on LRMC’s social media pages using the hashtag #LRT1Love and by tagging @officialLRT1 on Twitter and Instagram, and Light Rail Manila Corporation page on Facebook.

These messages and posts will be flashed on LRT-1 station screens during all weekends of February, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It should be noted that LRMC has long been campaigning for environmental care. In 2016, the Corporation launched its Live for the Rivers Movement Coalition, which is an ongoing cleanup initiative.


The campaign encourages the locals living nearby Metro Manila’s longest creek, Estero de Tripa de Gallina, to be responsible for the cleanup of the creek. Cleanup missions, which also provide sustainable livelihood for the communities, are organized under the program.

LRT-1 runs from Baclaran to Roosevelt and serves an average ridership of 500,000 a day. It began operations way back in December 1984.

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