Ate Vi just got Lucky!

As a single Mother, one of the things that have given me peace of mind even for a few minutes is when I do grocery shopping. I don’t know about you but I just find it therapeutic. It soothes my mind and calms my nerves, the whole going through the different aisles as well as seeing rows and rows of food just feels good. I guess it all stems from my experience when I was a child. My parents would take me to the grocery and because they were both really busy, it was one of the few times a month that we would be able to spend a lot of time together.

Now that I am a parent as well, I have begun doing the same thing. Once or twice a month, I would go to Puregold with my son and we would do grocery shopping together. It became one of our bonding sessions and after we shop, we’d eat at Luk Foo which is conveniently located right outside Puregold. Groceries and Chinese food are two things that we both love so it almost seems perfect. Wouldn’t you agree?

This Mother’s Day, we don’t have much planned. My son is only 12 years old and has no money of his own. It felt like such a relief when he asked me if we could just go to Puregold, do our grocery shopping, then have dimsum afterwards. This was definitely an Always Panalo moment to me. I get to spend time with my son, accomplish an errand and enjoy Chinese food. It doesn’t have to be anything hectic, extravagant or ostentatious.

Mother’s Day should not be about the gifts or something huge. It should be about doing something you love with your kid and savoring the moment. Thankfully for me, one of our bonding sessions also involves getting some errands done. I thank the heavens for that.

Vilma Santos-Recto must feel the same way that I do ’coz she also gets to do the same thing with her own son, Lucky Manzano. One of Ate Vi’s famous line is “I love you, Lucky!” There probably isn’t a single Pinoy who grew up during the ’80s and ’90s who has not heard this line. It is one of the most iconic testament of motherly love here in the Philippines.

Ate Vi and Lucky are both entertainers and great actors. They can easily transition from comedy to drama without a hitch. They also both love to dance and they love going to the groceries together. Though both have hectic schedules, both Ate Vi and Lucky manage to spend time together and even travel the world together.

Truly, the ability of two celebrities making time for one another is an Always Panalo moment and a true testament of the strong bond between them. A mother-and-son tandem like Ate Vi and Lucky shows that being in sync about certain things in life – love, career, dreams – is pretty much like a dancing together, always in harmony.

Puregold’s video of Ate Vi and Lucky proves to everyone that when mommies and kids are in sync, they always have each other’s back. This is why it matters that moms are able to find something in common with their children so that they can have that special connection.

To know more about what I’m talking about, watch this video and see how Lucky surprises his Momski!


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