ART THEATRE MANILA present : ‘Sakuntala: Ang Singsing ng Kapalaran.’

Art Theatre Manila in collaboration with Salu The Filipino Restaurant, Heaven’s Best Entertainment, Greenlight Studios, Theater Lighting Technology andForscink’sStudio 72 proudly brings on the theater stage the world premiere of Palanca award-winning playwright Allan Palileo’s Philippine version of the greatest 7-act Sanskrit drama of all time, Kalidasa’s ‘Sakuntala: Ang Singsing ng Kapalaran.’

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Set in 2080 at the center of devastated Philippine islets in Palawan, a young king named Dushyanta falls in love with a hermitage princess Sakuntala while hunting within the parameters of the thick forests of the hermitage kingdom headed by their leader Canwa. As the romantic love affair increases between the two, a curse was passed on by a powerful god Durvasas which made Sakuntala lost her ring given by Dushyanta and eventually forgets the memory he had with the princess. Sakuntala gets pregnant and bore Bharata, the son who has inherited the strengths of his father Dushyanta. The curse ended when the fisherman, Cumbilaca, discovered the ring inside a big fish after the soldiers founded him. The adventures took so many years after the king Dushyanta is reconciled with Sakuntala.

Joey Ting, Art Theatre Manila’s artistic director and founder, directs and heads the artistic and production team of ‘Sakuntala: Ang Singsing ng Kapalaran.’ The newest professional theater company’s vision is to showcase outstanding dramatic literatures of Asia including artistic masterpieces of Philippine theater. ATM has its Executive Board members including award-winning Film, TV and Theater actress and playwright Harlene Bautista, world class light designer and Theater Lighting Technology (TLT) owner Voltaire De Jesus, world class scenographer and stage designer Ohm David and US-based writer and Filipino playwright Patricia Valenzuela-Kent.

Art Theatre Manila

I’ll asked personally Direk Joey Ting about this Art Theatre Manila, why Sakuntala and why not other original epic story?

He answered, “Because during my high school years in an exclusive Chinese school along Quirino Avenue, Paco, Manila, all students who take up an English class are required to read the condensed version of Sakuntala. I was amazed then how a lengthy epic drama could sustain a romantic love affair story of the lead characters. I finally got hooked with the literature and ended doing it as the first major theater production of my newly-founded theater home, Art Theatre Manila. I would like to share this Indian masterpiece through our staging.

My follow-up question is “what will be the essence of this show to the first time goers in theater?

“My theater advocacy is to enrich and propagate gems of literary works, both classical and contemporary, nearest to the hearts of Filipino theater goers, especially the first-timers in watching a theater production. This, in essence, what makes Art Theatre Manila a new theater company that will showcase Asian Theater at its finest.”

“Sakuntala Ang Singsing ng Kapalaran, written by one of my closest friends and colleagues in the theater Allan Palileo, is a two-hour Filipino-adapted world premiere production. I hope the ‘now’ audiences will appreciate more what Asian literature such as this 7-act epic drama can offer.” – Joey Ting added

Powerhouse Cast :

MatelPatayon, Chase Salazar and Diane Formoso share the role of Sakuntala while Paul Cedrick Juan, Vincent Pajara, Tracy Quila and Jett Embana will play the role of the king Dushyanta. Other cast members include Al Angcoy, Gabo Tolentino, GryGimena (as Madhavya); Rudyard Pesimo, Paul Santiago (as Durvasas); Lei Ann Quinquileria, Jomelle Era, MeggyKatigbak, Alecks Ambayec (as Anusuya); Sarina Sasaki, Tina Macaraeg, Kyrstynne Vargas (as Priyamvada); Jacques Borlaza, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Allan Palileo (as Canwa); Cristy Peredo (as Gautami); BrylleParzuelo, NikulousAranas (as Samgarava); NelGumalog, GryGimena (as Saradwata); Edwin Serrano, Neil Tolentino (as Cumbilaca); Timothy Castillo, Fritz Esase (as Bharata); Anton Segismundo, RM Araneta (as Heneral); Warren Grande, Tristan Bite (as Sundalo); Dolly Dolot (as UtusanniDushyanta); Ronnie Martinez (as Pinuno ng Ermitanyo); and, Bobby Andrew Garcia, Bunny Cadag (as Ermitanyo)

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Artistic team members include:

JM Cabling (choreography), Ohm David (scenography), Gian Gianan (music), Raqs Regalado (costumes and make-up), MelitonRoxas (lighting), D Cortezano (visual effects) with Fritz Esase (assistant director), Eudes Anthony Garcia (dramaturg), Chris Gallegos (photography), Darla Dela Cruz (graphics). Production heads include: Raph Pineda (deputy production manager), Adriane Ungriano (technical director), Patricia Gascon (stage manager), ,Gio Dexter Santos (audience development), AiraLagarte and Catherine Fong (marketing), CarlynAbayon (logistics) with RALF Advertising and Events Management (advertising team headed by Dodj Mallari).

Play Date : 

‘Sakuntala’ starts on September 27 – October 21, 2017 with 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. performances. Ticket prices are: VIP A (Php1,000), VIP B (Php800) and Regular (Php500) with special discounts for students, show buyers and bulk ticket orders.

Play Venue :

Theater venue is located at the Studio 72 Black Box Theater, Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy. Teacher’s Village West, Diliman, Quezon City. Tickets are available on the following establishments: Salu The Filipino Restaurant located at 26-B Sct. Torillo corner Sct. Fernandez St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City and at the Bluelight Studios, 4thflr., Forab Building, Kamuning Road, Quezon City or through mobile number 0916-55552782 or visit us on our fb page:

Art Theatre Manila’s ‘Sakuntala: Ang Singsing ng Kapalaran’ is made possible through the following initial sponsors: Gerry’s Grill, Chowking, Reyes Barbecue and the generosity of Mr. Abdul Taiting and Ms. ArmieArnaldo.

Photos from the official facebook of sakuntalaofficial2017.

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