Are you leading him on?


If you’ve ever been led on by someone, you will know how crushing it is when you realize that the signs you thought were signs your crush had feelings for you weren’t signals at all. Gah, just thinking about it can make every heart hurt a bit.

Unfortunately, mixed signals are a part of life. Actions, and even words, can sometimes be misinterpreted. One person might be trying to project something, while the person on the receiving end might get something completely different. It’s awkward when you’re the one that read signals wrong, but it’s also awkward when you’re the one sending signals that might unintentionally be leading someone on. We know that you’re not the type of person that would intentionally want to make someone think something that isn’t true, but it can happen. That’s the wide array of human perception and emotions for you.

Here are the signs that you might actually be leading someone on. If you check off most of them and you’re concerned that you’ve given someone the wrong impression, you will have to decide whether you want to have a conversation with them to clear up the type of relationship you both want.

You’re the one arranging the plans

Are you the type of girl who is always organizing things with your friends? Then it will feel natural to continue that with other people. While you might think that it’s nothing more than being your regular organized self, but other people might misinterpret your gumption as being into the person in that way.

You’re very comfortable with each other

Do you feel like you can share anything with your special person? And do you feel like they can reciprocate? That could just be the sign that you have a great friendship. Good for you. Just note that some people might think that if you’re comfortable enough to share deep, dark secrets with each other and be honest, then the other person might think it’s because there’s something more there.

You make a lot of eye contact

Some people are confident looking others in the eyes whereas some people avoid eye contact at all costs. Are you more of the former? Some people might not be used to intense eye contact, and when they see you doing it, they might consider it to be a flirty, intimate thing. We get that if you think there’s nothing flirty about looking someone in the eyes when you’re talking to them, but be aware how others could see it.

You often hang out with each other alone

Hanging out with someone one on one shouldn’t be that much of a big deal. Yet, some people might consider it to be *special.* If you’re predominantly hanging out with a person one on one, they could think it’s a reason that you want all of the alone time together so you can for a deeper relationship. If you suspect this is the case, you might want to consider talking to the person about it.

You’re a touchy-feely kind of person

Are you a hugger? Do you like to use your hands when you talk? Note that some people might interpret the normal mannerisms you do with everyone as being *special* for them. They might even think that you’re getting *flirty.*

You like laughing at the other person

You might just be the type of person who loves to laugh. You might also just be the type of person who finds the person you’re with really, really funny. If you find someone funny, you should absolutely laugh. You shouldn’t restrict your emotions for fear of being misinterpreted. However, you should be aware that some people can think that if you’re always laughing at their jokes, they might think there’s a special connection there. After all, one of the flirting signs that people say to lookout for is someone laughing at jokes whether they’re funny or not.


Vance Madrid

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