Are you a Monster Mom?


Do you consider yourself a monster mom? Or maybe you know someone who can be called as such. Don’t know how to deal with that difficult mom? Here’s what you can do:

Some parents feel that their child’s performance is a reflection of their parenting skills.

The competitive mom isn’t necessarily out to put you and your child down. One possibility is that she was unable to accomplish her own dreams when she was young, so she wants to live out that dream through her child. Believe it or not, the competitive mom is just worried about her ability as a parent. Some parents feel that their kid’s performance is a reflection of their own parenting. If their tot is doing well; then they feel like they’re being good parents. Mothers would always want their child to excel. But if it has already reached a point where you’re just pulling a child along and the child is already anxious, stressed, and pressured, ask yourself, “Is this for my own needs or for the needs of my child?” She may not be entirely aware that her kid is feeling stressed and you might just be able to provide an eye opener. An exchange of ideas can begin from here. Slowly, you can help point to the consequences of her actions on her child, but make sure never to put blame on her. There are certain moms who have the desire to help other parents be better. But there is that possibility that know-it-all parents put down other parents to sort of emphasize how good they are. This arrogance could be stemming from a sense of insecurity by not knowing it all, but projecting to others that they’re the best and that they do know everything. There’s no right amount of advice or criticism before you tell a parent off. Verbalize what you want the other parent to know and say, “You know, we have different parenting styles. I’ll do my own thing and you do your own. Let’s respect each other that way.”

Being a permissive mom has negative repercussions on the child. The child is usually willful, has little self-control, and is insensitive to the needs of others. Tantrums, yelling, and rough play are some of the ways a child can act out. Encourage her to have some time for herself, so she can recharge for her Mommy duties. Overprotective moms need to be reassured that they’re doing okay as parents, and that their children are fine as well. Acknowledge first where the parent is. Emphasize with their desire to have happy, exemplary children. If you’re watching after an overprotective mom’s kid, assure her that her child will be supervised at all times. And when her child is starting to become anxious, you can point that out.

Vance Madrid

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