Amazing Hairstyle Ideas For Short Natural Hair

Natural hair… Natural hair looks great and pretty, but only African American women know how difficult it is to keep their Afro hair healthy and beautiful! So, sometimes your natural locks need a break and summer is the best time to do that because when the sun is very hot, you don’t want your hair in your face. Well, pick out the right hairstyle for your short natural tresses and refresh your hairstyle this summer. Here are the best short black natural hairstyles in 2018 that will give you plenty of fresh inspiration.

Lovely Natural Twist Hairstyle

Natural hair is much easily played with when it is wet and one of the simplest ways to style natural tresses is to twist them. The most stunning aspect of this hairstyle is that it highlights those gorgeous, all-natural curls and makes them so cute. Besides, an asymmetrical hairline looks great with natural hair.

Two-Toned Short Curly Haircut

A caramel color on the top makes the hairstyle a bit spicy and so feminine. Moreover, dark roots and shaved sides add a bit of interest to your haircut. The two-toned hairstyle is a trendy solution for short natural hair that will keep your look fresh and effortlessly glamorous.

Short Bob Hairstyle with Angled Bangs and Shaved Back

Bob is one of the most popular black straight hairstyles among African American women. This basic haircut is rather versatile and easy to maintain. Wearing a short bob with angled side swept bangs and shaven back, you`ll get a flirty and classy hairstyle that will also highlight the natural beauty of your wonderful hair.

Gray Pixie

Gray has been a trendy color over the last few seasons. It can freshen any look as well as make it awesome! The gray hair pixie cut with short sides always looks super simple and super modern! If you like to experiment with your natural curls, this hairstyle is just what you need.Fade Haircut with a Solid Part

If you prefer super short black natural hairstyles, pay attention to this a bit crazy solution! Shaved in the back and on the sides, with a razor line and solid part, this bold haircut creates an incredibly perky contrast and looks really gorgeous!

Layered Bob with Messy Waves

As has been said, bob is one of the favorite hairstyles among natural haired ladies. Bob is rather simple to style, it is versatile and super-trendy. By the way, it can be worn not only straight, wavy layered bob hairstyles are one of the most demanded black wavy hairstyles in 2018.

The natural hair texture is so chic, unique and versatile that you can change your hairstyle almost weekly. Besides, don`t be afraid to chop a few inches or even more of your strands if you want to refresh your style or just relax from your long natural tresses. Don`t be afraid of hair experiments!

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