WATCH: A review of Althea Korea’s ordering process

We’re walking you through Althea Korea’s super easy ordering process, so you can get a hold of your fave K-beauty products at competitive prices. And it’s not just hearsay — we know your package will be arriving hot at your doorstep straight from Seoul, South Korea.

Watch our video review now, or bookmark this page for later viewing aka that time you’re stuck in traffic.

Shadz Loresco

A full-time editor turned freelance writer, Shadz has worked for local publications such as Entrepreneur Philippines, Forbes Magazine - Philippine Edition, and Rappler. She also collaborates with startups as a content strategist and an online marketing consultant. At PSST! PH, she serves as the head of the Digital Sales & Marketing Team. Coffee, films, and photography keep her on her toes. She dreams of documenting the lives of the voiceless from around the world.