Alone on Valentine’s Day….But Happy!


Oh no! It’s the dreaded Valentine’s Day again! (Sigh)


One message received…Sender:  Anonymous:

“It is tough to stay single in the world, where everybody expects you to be with somebody.  But staying single is not about having no choice.  Rather, it’s an opportunity to make intelligent choices.”

Are you one of those who desperately try to push away thoughts of loneliness since you might be afraid of being alone especially on that particular day… Valentine’s Day?

Who shouldn’t feel sad, when all you could ever see is the burning love in the eyes of couples madly in love with each other, or smell the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers received by your friend from her boyfriend.  Alone on Valentine’s is synonymous to sadness, right?

Wrong.  The truth is life does go on even if you don’t have a date on the dreaded V-Day.

Not having a boyfriend is definitely not an excuse to ignore such special day.  Let’s put it this way:  Without guys clinging to you, you can spend the whole day doing things you’ve put aside for the last couple of weeks because your ex-boyfriend was always prying on you.  Now is the perfect time.

Share some popcorn with your siblings while watching the latest  flick.  Have a cappuccino with your grandma.

If you don’t feel like going out, treat yourself with a nice warm aromatherapy bath and do some kikay things like nail polishing, eyebrow plucking, or leg shaving. That way, you’ll look good and feel like an entirely new girl.  Read a book like Chicken Soup for the Soul which can also help rekindle he spirit and calm the mind.

The list could go on and on.  So why waste a beautiful day bumming around and pitying yourself because no prince charming has appeared your doorsteps?  Better wake up because you might be spending too much time waiting for that frog to turn into a prince, when in reality he’s just an enormously horrible beast.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day is not merely for couples in love.  It is a time to commemorate love as one of the most important things in this world.  Thus, it should be shared with everybody and not just with your boyfriend.  Like what the text message revealed, it’s not about having no choice – it’s about making intelligent ones.


Vance Madrid

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