Let kids play outdoors

Summer has ended and most kids are now back to school.   Have you ever let your little kiddo play outside?

Most were probably stuck inside their abode with gadgets in their hands.  Have you forgotten those years when you spent hours playing outside instead? Let us reminisce and make a run down of the benefits of allowing the children to physically play outside the house.

Appreciation of nature

Toddlers and even a little older kids tend to appreciate nature more when allowed to play outside.  They get access to nature and freedom to explore local flora and fauna.  They also develop within themselves appreciation of nature, thus are more inclined to taking care of the environment.

Eases stress

Some children who just slumber inside the house are becoming more out of shape and feeling stressed out.  Allowing them to be in contact with nature somehow recharges their weary soul.  Let them catch frogs, climb trees and even play tag with other children.

Free vitamin D

Allow kids play outdoors
Let kids play outdoors

Allowing children to play in the morning when the sun is at its healthiest means free vitamin D.  It promotes bone development and prevention of some diseases such as cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.


Children need to experience the world firsthand.  That would help them grow and learn independently.  Also, there is this feeling of freedom and independence that would all the more help them be capable of handling unforeseen situations because they are confident of their parents’ trust in them.

Helps develop social skills

Research suggests that outdoor play leads children to interact better with friends and even strangers.  They likewise develop social skills like friendly competition, teamwork and even trust in others.  Playing outdoors also helps kids be less aggressive as they learn to share and see the value of friendship.

Keeps children physically fit

Allow kids play outdoors
Let kids play outdoors

Outdoor play gives children the chance to run, jump, climb, and more.  These activities allow kids to be physically fit and strengthen their muscles and immune system.

Let kids play outdoors

Allow kids play outdoors
Let  kids play outdoors

Allowing the kids to play outdoors has a lot of proven benefits.  But more than that, playing outside is an important part of their growth.  It would be of great help if families live within or near communities with lots of open spaces for children to run and be kids. Allowing them to appreciate the outdoors and letting them jump, swing, yell, roll, and even make a mess are what childhood is all about.

Berlin Domingo

Devoted. Compassionate. Instinctive. Berlin loves to write personal narratives, thrilling discoveries, and mommy tips that make daily living the happiest. She shares a place called the small house with her husband and their four boys.