Alabang Makati P2P Bus

It has always been a struggle going to Makati if you live in Alabang and it is common knowledge that a lot of people dread going to Alabang because they feel it’s too far. What would you say then if I tell you it now takes only 30 minutes to get from Alabang to Makati and vice versa? With the new Alabang Makati P2P bus, it definitely is.


Terminal is right beside Alabang Town Center Cinema and is easily spotted. In Greenbelt, it located in Greenbelt 1, Legazpi side, across Makati Diamond Residences.


This is the schedule for the bus. It leaves on time so don’t be late. Our team tried it yesterday and our bus left at exactly 3pm. By 3:20pm we were at Don Bosco and by 3:30pm, we were right at Greenbelt 1. It was definitely amazing. The bus is also air conditioned and comfortable.


The bus seats people comfortably and they don’t fill it to the point where someone would be standing. For Php50 (promo fare) or Php70 (regular fare), this is definitely worth it. You save on time spent travelling and you are more than comfortable.

We hope that more people from the South avails of the Alabang Makati P2P Bus because it makes travelling to Makati cheaper, easier, and faster.

Kathy Kenny


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